Focusing skill-by-skill on P.E.O.P.L.E. (Professionalism, Empathy, Optimism, Partnering, Loyalty and Empowering) this AMA-2128: Achieving Leadership Success Through People seminar can help anyone in a position of leadership to better demonstrate caring as well as courage, and to use a P.E.O.P.L.E. approach to achieve maximum results.

Skills Covered

  • Define Leadership and the Measures of Leadership Success
  • Exhibit the Skills of the PEOPLE Path to Achieving Leadership Success: Demonstrate Professionalism and Empathy; Lead with Optimism; Create Partnerships; Demonstrate Loyalty and Earn Loyal Followership; Empower Yourself and Others
  • Describe the Benefits of the PEOPLE Path to Successful Leadership
  • Identify Ways to Develop PEOPLE Skills

Who Should Attend

Senior managers, directors, vice presidents and other executives, as well as midlevel managers and others in positions of leadership.

Course Curriculum


While there are no direct pre-requisites, here are some of the benefits realized of this course:
  • Understand the components of professionalism and the importance of setting a good example
  • Coach and develop your direct reports/colleagues to be more hopeful and empathetic as they develop greater professionalism
  • Create genuine partnerships and unity with, and among, direct reports/colleagues
  • Be more optimistic through reframing, resilience and positive language skills
  • Learn and apply the components of loyalty to create “loyal followership”
  • Trust and empower your direct reports/colleagues more

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Intake: 6-7 Jun 2024
Duration: 2 Days
Guaranteed: TBC
Modality: VILT

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