Gain skills and knowledge needed to deploy, maintain and protect data.

If you are a database professional wanting to land a database administrator role, a DBA who wants to validate their skill set or another type of IT pro seeking database management skills, you need CompTIA DataSys+. By earning this certification, you’ll prove to employers that you can identify database structure types; develop, modify and run code; and gather, store and drive data assets. You’ll also confirm your knowledge of:

  • The various aspects of database design and planning
  • The different phases of the implementation, testing and deployment of data
  • The purpose of monitoring and reporting database performance
  • Common database maintenance processes
  • The production of essential documentation
  • Best practices for backup and data restoration

CompTIA DataSys+ certified professionals demonstrate their ability to secure databases, protect against cyberattacks and control authorization. Moreover, they prove they can ensure governance and regulatory compliance.

Skills Covered

CompTIA DataSys+ covers the following skills:

  • Understanding database design and structure, including planning, implementation, testing and deployment
  • Comparing and contrasting scripting methods and developing, modifying and running SQL code
  • Explaining the impact of programming on database operations
  • Monitoring and maintaining the data, reporting on and documenting any incidents
  • Implementing critical data management tasks
  • Securing the data by limiting access and defending against attacks
  • Understanding and meeting regulation and governance requirements
  • Creating and saving back-ups, and preparing for restoration/disaster recovery

Who Should Attend

  • Database administrators
  • Database managers
  • Database designers
  • Data warehouse specialists
  • Data warehouse developers

Course Curriculum


CompTIA recommend sthat you have 2-3 years of hands-on experience working as a database administrator or equivalent experience.

Although CompTIA DataSys+ is designed for those with 2-3 years of experience in a database administrator role, other professionals, such as IT support specialists, software developers, network administrators, and database developer, are well-positioned to pursue a successful career as database administrators.

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