Companies spanning across all industrial domains are experiencing a Big Data Boom!

Several databases of digitally stored information and expert knowledge await us. Before the huge wave of digital data turn intimidating, we are saddled with a much-valued responsibility of managing the raw data. With computational powers growing at a spectacular speed, mastering this data-centric world can be challenging as well as fun.

Big Data is to Artificial Intelligence what Automation and Robotics is to Internet of Things (IoT). Faster, better, and cost-effective decisions is what makes businesses successful and unique and Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics bring significant advantages while making such decisions. Big data analytics enables the organizations to handle a wide variety of data using advanced analytical capabilities including event, predictive and text analytics.

These new data processing infrastructures includes faster hardware starting with faster multi-core processors and large memory spaces, to solid-state drives and tiered data storage for handling hot and cold data, to bring significant business growth.

Skills Covered

  • Profile source information and set characteristics
  • Determine data trends from data sets, provide accurate data models and code and develop data rules from the analysis
  • Execute big data processes such as filtering, text connotation and filtering
  • Initiate technical and pricing negotiations with data providers
  • Develop solutions for real-time distributed data processing
  • Monitor data sources and search for new Big Data predictors
  • Conduct cross-functional and design workshops for creating business goals and best work practices

Who Should Attend

This Rocheston Cyber Technology course is suitable for business people who need to optimize their business processes & supply  chain delivery cycles, to the HR executives who need to augment their talent acquisition, staff management & company objectives, or the R&D professionals who need to analyze huge amounts of data distributed across different network systems, RCBDA is THE one-stop solution.

Course Curriculum


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