We offer Leading SAFe Agilist 5.1 Certification Training in Malaysia, a 2-day training program that would get you the theoretical and practical basics of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The training helps you lead agile transformation within your enterprise using the Scaled Agile Framework and its underlying principles of lean thinking and product development flow.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for achieving business agility using Lean, Agile, and DevOps. Created by Dean Leffingwell, this framework effortlessly aligns and synchronizes for large-scale, multi-team Agile projects to develop and deliver enterprise-class technology-based solutions with high quality and faster time-to-market.

Skills Covered

  • Apply SAFe® in an enterprise context to enable continuous exploring, integrating, deploying and releasing values.
  •  Enhance Lean-Agile leadership skills and help cascade Lean-Agile Mindset and principles across the organisation.
  •  Enable Lean-Agile transformation at the enterprise level to achieve business agility
  •  Coordinate the development of large solutions by improving communication and collaboration across all projects
  •  Empower with a Lean Portfolio and apply Agile across the organisation, not just to the IT delivery teams

Who Should Attend

The Leading SAFe Agilist 5.1 Certification course is for anyone involved in product and solution development at the scale using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It is particularly beneficial for:

  1. Employees and change agents
  2. Executives up to management level
  3. Project leader and program manager
  4. Product manager and product owner

Course Curriculum


There is no pre requisites required to attend this course.

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