Google Cloud – Your comprehensive list of Google Cloud training and certifications

Google Cloud – Your comprehensive list of Google Cloud training and certifications

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Accelerate your digital transformation with Google Cloud certifications.

Build apps faster, make smarter business decisions, and connect people anywhere.

Google Cloud has become a go-to choice for leading companies to help in mitigating and resolving their toughest challenges. Google offers cloud solutions to drive transformations. Google Cloud will benefit you and your organization by providing you with the flexibility to migrate, build and optimize apps across cloud environments whilst minimizing vendor lock-ins as well as leveraging best-in-breed solutions and meeting all regulatory and governance relates requirements.

Google Training and Certifications 

“Around the world, organizations across multiple industries are in the midst of digitally transforming their businesses. For many, the Covid-19 pandemic only accelerated things.”

The technological transformation impacted various parts of our lives; the way we work and live and allow for unprecedented levels of virtual collaboration at a global scale, and the centre of all the paradigm shifts sits cloud technology.

The major contributing factor to these changes will be people with the skills required to implement and manage large scale cloud deployments, especially in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, application development, security and cloud architecture.

‘More than 90% of IT leaders say that they’re looking to grow their cloud environments in the next several years, yet more than 80% of those same leaders identified a lack of skills and knowledge within their employees as a barrier to this growth.”

Through Trainocate Malaysia’s Google Cloud Platform training and certification courses, we aim to remove both the barrier to growth and entry that occur when transitioning and adopting new technology within your organization.

1) Cloud Infrastructure

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPCIN Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure 1 2,400 1,280 4 9 13
GCPGCE Architecting with Google Compute Engine 3 5,400 3,840 5 – 7 10 – 12 14 – 16
GCPGSGKE Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine 1 2,400 1,280 17
GCPGKE Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine 3 5,400 8 – 10
GCPDNPS Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Design and Process 2 4,800 2,560 14 – 15 19 – 20 23 – 24
GCPPCA-E Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination 1 2,400 1,280 1


Google Cloud’s planet-scale infrastructure provides with you the best performance and availability in the safest, sustainable and efficient way, running on the same global infrastructure that powers YouTube, Gmail as well as other Google products. The following Cloud infrastructure pathways will educate individuals on best practices of the implementation, deployment, migration and maintenance of applications on Google’s cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Engineer learning path

Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions. The Google Cloud Engineer learning path prepares learners for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

Associate Cloud Engineers deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions. They use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • Set up a cloud solution environment
  • Plan and configure a cloud solution
  • Deploy and implement a cloud solution
  • Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution
  • Configure access and security

Cloud Architect learning path

Cloud Architects design, develop, and manage robust and scalable cloud architecture solutions. In both 2019 and 2020, the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification was named the highest IT paid certification. The Google Cloud Architect learning path prepares learners for the Professional Cloud Architect  certification.

Professional Cloud Architects enable organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud, they design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

The Professional Cloud Architect certification exam assesses your ability to:

Design and plan a cloud solution architecture

  • Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure
  • Design for security and compliance
  • Analyze and optimize technical and business processes
  • Manage implementations of cloud architecture
  • Ensure solution and operations reliability

2) Cloud Application Development

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPDEVA  Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform 3 7,200 5,900 20 – 22 18 – 20 27 – 29
LMOGC Logging, Monitoring and Observability in Google Cloud 3 7,200 5,900 4 – 6


Cloud roles were positioned amongst the top 10 most in-demand IT roles in 2020. The Google Cloud Application development learning pathway aims at exploring how you and your team can modernize your legacy services or build cloud-native applications by utilizing Google Cloud’s end-to-end solutions. Take control of your digital transformation by building, running, operating cloud-native apps with Google Cloud. It’s time to embrace modern methods such as – serverless, microservice and containers. You will also learn to quickly code, build, deploy and manage without compromising security or quality.

Cloud Developer learning path

A Cloud Developer builds scalable and highly available cloud applications using Google Cloud and tools that leverage fully managed services. Their work may involve cloud-native applications, runtime environments, developer tools, and next-generation databases.

Professional Cloud Developers build scalable and highly available applications using Google-recommended practices and tools. They have experience with cloud-native applications, developer tools, managed services, and next-generation databases. Cloud Developers are also proficient with at least one general-purpose programming language and are skilled at producing meaningful metrics and logs to debug and trace code.

The Professional Cloud Developer exam assesses your ability to:

  • Design highly scalable, available, reliable cloud-native applications
  • Build and test applications
  • Deploy applications
  • Integrate Google Cloud services
  • Manage application performance monitoring

Cloud DevOps Engineer learning path

A Cloud DevOps Engineer is responsible for maintaining the efficient operations of the full software delivery pipeline They oversee that production balances both service reliability and delivery speed.

A Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer is responsible for efficient development operations that can balance service reliability and delivery speed. They are skilled at using Google Cloud to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage and learn from incidents.

The Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • Apply site reliability engineering principles to a service
  • Optimize service performance
  • Implement service monitoring strategies
  • Build and implement CI/CD pipelines for a service
  • Manage service incidents


3) Hybrid and Multi-cloud: Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPANTH Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos 2 4,800 7 – 8

What does it mean to make your IT infrastructure hybrid and multi-cloud


Hybrid or multi-cloud lets you connect your on-premise infrastructure with the cloud’s scalability and innovation. Gain knowledge on container management with Google Kubernetes Engine and Anthos – Google Cloud’s open platform that lets you run your applications, unmodified on existing on-prem hardware investment or in th republic cloud.

4) Data Engineering and Smart Analytics

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPDI From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform 3 7,200 5,900 8 – 10
GCPBD Big Data & Machine Learning Fundamentals 1 2,400 2,000 25 23 20
GCPDE Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform 4 9,600 8,000 26 – 29 24 – 27 21 – 24


From 2013-2018, the demand for data analysis skyrocketed by 86%. Become data-driven with Google Cloud. Take advantage of data and attain real-time insights that enhance your decision-making process whilst accelerating innovation. Through engaging with this learning path you will also gain imperative insight on ways to design and build data processing systems. In essence, your key takeaways from this path are – building, deploying and maintaining applications on premise, in the cloud and across providers.

5) Cloud Security and Network Engineering

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPNET Networking in Google Cloud Platform 2 4,800 4,000 7 – 8
GCSEC Security in Google Cloud Platform 2 7,200 5,900 9 – 10


It has been estimated that to meet global demands, the cybersecurity workforce needs to grow by 145%. Google Cloud networking simplifies the processes of managing, scaling and securing your networks. Learn the best practices in load balancing implementation and content delivery (Cloud CDN) or optimize your network for performance and cost.  Ready to kickstart your career in cloud security and network engineering? Get started with security engineering in the cloud by understanding key risk mitigation and response tactics to potential threats such as DDoS attacks or phishing.

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

A Cloud Security Engineer enables organizations to design and implement secure workloads and infrastructure on Google Cloud. Through an understanding of security best practices and industry security requirements, this individual designs, develops, and manages a secure infrastructure by leveraging Google security technologies. The Cloud Security Engineer should be proficient in all aspects of cloud Security including identity and access management, defining organizational structure and policies, using Google technologies to provide data protection, configuring network security defenses, collecting and analyzing Google Cloud logs, managing incident responses, and demonstrating an understanding of the application of dynamic regulatory considerations.

6) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPML Machine Learning on Google Cloud 5 12,000 9,800 28 – 1

Did you know that the adoption of machine learning results in 2x more data-driven decisions, 5x faster decision-making and 3x faster execution?


Harness and scale the power of AI and Machine Learning to transform your business digitally. Get innovative with Google Cloud machine learning products, services and solutions. Through this learning path, you can learn ways to implement the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technology by exploring training on Big Query, TensorFlow, Cloud Vision, Natural Langauge and more.

Professional Machine Learning Engineer

A Professional Machine Learning Engineer designs, builds, and productionizes ML models to solve business challenges using Google Cloud technologies and knowledge of proven ML models and techniques. The ML Engineer considers responsible AI throughout the ML development process, and collaborates closely with other job roles to ensure long-term success of models. The ML Engineer should be proficient in all aspects of model architecture, data pipeline interaction, and metrics interpretation. The ML Engineer needs familiarity with foundational concepts of application development, infrastructure management, data engineering, and data governance. Through an understanding of training, retraining, deploying, scheduling, monitoring, and improving models, the ML Engineer designs and creates scalable solutions for optimal performance.

7) Google Workspace

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Apr May Jun
GCPGW Getting Started with Google Workspace 4 9,600 13 – 16
GCPGWA Google Workspace Administration 5 12,000 20  -24

Understanding how to use Google Workshop can help each used in your organization get back 21 days per year in time savings.

Google products like Gmail, Docs, Drive and Meet are an integral part of Google Workspace. These training courses are aimed at helping your team reimagining the way they work and how well they collaborate. Individuals will be taught best practices in securing, sharing, collaborating and customizing your workflows to meet your own work style.

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