The Most In-Demand IT Skills 2022: Google Associate Cloud Engineer

The Most In-Demand IT Skills 2022: Google Associate Cloud Engineer

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The Google Cloud infrastructure 

Google Cloud runs on the same global infrastructure that powers YouTube, Gmail, and other Google products used by billions of people around the world. Learn about Google Cloud’s approach to infrastructure and implementing, deploying, migrating, and maintaining applications.


Everything you need to know about Google Cloud Training & Certification


Google Cloud offers multiple certifications, from Associate Cloud Engineer to Professional Cloud Architect. To further measure the impact Google Cloud certifications, have on businesses and on individuals, Google Cloud commissioned an independent third-party research organization to conduct a web survey of 1,789 recent Google Cloud certified individuals. 

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing industries. Investing in developing your cloud skills is good for your career and your business objectives.  

Close to 70 percent of IT leaders report that hiring was somewhat and/or extremely difficult in 2019 and that finding qualified cloud computing talent was a top challenge. It is found that a cost-effective way to eliminate skills gaps is to train existing staff. This type of investment also lets employees know that their employer supports their professional development. To find the cloud skills they need, companies are increasingly turning to industry-recognized certifications: 93 percent of IT decision-makers around the world agree that certified employees provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification. 

It is time to transform your career and business with the most sought-after skills within the technology landscape.  

Demonstrate your cloud skills by earning exclusive badges for your resume. Skill badges are shareable credentials that recognize your ability to solve real-world problems with cloud knowledge.  

Google Cloud certifications validate your expertise and showcase your ability to transform businesses with Google Cloud technology.  




Associate Cloud Engineer 

Associate Cloud Engineers deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions. They use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud. 

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to: 

  • Set up a cloud solution environment 
  • Plan and configure a cloud solution 
  • Deploy and implement a cloud solution 
  • Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution 
  • Configure access and security 


About this certification exam

Length: 2 hours

Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select, taken remotely or in person at a test center.

Exam delivery method:

a. Take the online-proctored exam from a remote location

b. Take the onsite-proctored exam at a testing center

Prerequisites: None

Recommended experience: 6+ months hands-on experience with Google Cloud

Certification Renewal / Recertification: Candidates must recertify in order to maintain their certification status. Unless explicitly stated in the detailed exam descriptions, all Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date of certification. Recertification is accomplished by retaking the exam during the recertification eligibility time period and achieving a passing score. You may attempt recertification starting 60 days prior to your certification expiration date.


Associate certification 

The associate level certification is focused on the fundamental skills of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud. 

This certification is a good starting point for those new to cloud and can be used as a path to professional level certifications. 


The Google Cloud Engineer learning path 

A Google Cloud Engineer is responsible for the deployment of applications, monitoring operations, and managing enterprise solutions. 


1) Course: Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure 

 Learn about Google Cloud’s computing and storage services available, including Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, and BigQuery. This course also introduces significant resource and policy management tools such as the Resource Manager hierarchy and Cloud Identity and Access Management. 


2) Course: Architecting with Google Compute Engine 

 Explore and deploy infrastructure components such as networks, systems, and applications services with Compute Engine. This course covers deploying practical solutions, including securely interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, security and access management, quotas and billing, and resource monitoring. 


3) Course: Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine 

 Explore how to implement solutions using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). In this course, you’ll build, schedule, practice load balancing, and monitor your workloads. You’ll also learn how to manage role-based access control and security, and provide persistent storage to your cloud applications. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes, try the Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine training. 


4) Skill Badge: Create and Manage Cloud Resources 

Discover Google Cloud’s fundamental tools and services. Learn how to run Cloud Shell commands and deploy your first virtual machine, run applications on Google Kubernetes Engine or with load balancing. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a skill badge upon completion. 


5) Skill Badge: Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud 

Dive into Cloud Storage and other key application services like Stackdriver and Cloud Functions and develop valuable skills that are applicable to any Google Cloud initiative. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a skill badge upon completion. 


6) Skill Badge: Set Up and Configure a Cloud Environment in Google Cloud 

Get practice with the services that appear on the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. You’ll explore IAM, networking, Google Kubernetes Engine deployment and be able to earn a skill badge upon completion. 


7) Skill Badge: Automating Infrastructure on Google Cloud with Terraform 

Learn how to automate your infrastructure on Google Cloud using Terraform, an open-source solution for infrastructure deployment. Complete this quest for the opportunity to receive a Google Cloud skill badge. 


8) Course: Preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam 

This course will help you prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam, understand the areas covered by the exam, and make the most of the available preparation resources. 

Master implementing, deploying, migrating, and maintaining applications on cloud infrastructure with Google Cloud infrastructure courses. 


Are you ready to elevate your Cloud Career with Infrastructure solutions? Check out the timetable to see our enrolment times.


Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Jan Feb Mar
GCPCIN Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure 1 2400 24 21 7
GCPGCE Architecting with Google Compute Engine 3 5400 25 – 27 22 – 24 8 – 10
GCPGSGKE Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine 1 2400 11
GCPGKE Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine 3 5400 23 – 25
GCPDNPS Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Design and Process 2 4800 20 – 21 17 – 18 17 – 18
GCPPCA-E Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination 1 2400 fdgdgfng fdgdgfgf fdgdggfg



About the Author

Syazana Khan

A communications specialist and technology wordsmith with over 2 years experience in the IT and professional development training arena.