Red Hat x Trainocate Learning Series: Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat x Trainocate Learning Series: Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Syazana Khan

A writer and communications specialist with 2 years of experience in professional development and technology training.

Training and certification are the most important tools in your organization’s arsenal towards achieving success in your digital transformation. In today’s blog post we will be discussing all things Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  


Technology cycles tend to be short and quick. In order to keep up with the demands of an ever-growing global market technological products are developed at an equally if not faster pace. Along with continuous and rapid roll-outs, there is also a need for agility in these products. 


What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux? 

Before we delve into the finer details, let us start by getting a better idea of what Red Hat Enterprise Linux is. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is the world’s leading open-source enterprise Linux operating system. It provides for a solid and consistent foundation for you to scale existing apps, roll out emerging technologies across all cloud environments. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® also provides the latest, security-oriented operating system so you can move your workloads without having to worry about breaches. According to a study conducted by Management Insight Technologies, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is also, the most deployed commercial Linux distribution in the public cloud 




Some of the key features of the latest Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 include:  

A smart operating system 

With the latest iteration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you will gain built-in manageability and integration along with Red Hat management, its automation products and Red Hat insights. Red Hat Insights is built on 25 years of data and provides elements like predictive operating system analytics, security, dependability and performance.  

 Deployment made fast and easy  

This new version also incorporates features to increase the rate of deployment and make the adoption of this system easier for non-Linux users. It also includes an image builder tool to allow for a standard system blueprint set up and design customized image files multiple hypervisors, reducing the effort needed to deploy workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. 

 Enterprise application support

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is also widely recognized and is optimized for enterprise applications and critical databases such as SAP, HANA, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. To add on, it provides access to a huge community of leading partners, customers, and experts within the industry that are working towards making headways to the components your organization needs.  

 The latest security features 

Security in IT is paramount and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 furnishes you with security technologies, controls, certifications, and the constant support of the Red Hat Product Security team to help safeguard your organization. There are added also features like compiler flags, up-to-date auditing, system-wide cryptographic policies and new protocols to further safeguard your business.  

 Reliability across clouds 

Consistency and reliability are key in a business’ technological infrastructure. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 promises a reliable application and user experience no matter the underlying infrastructure. You can confidently deploy applications, emerging workloads across all cloud environments.  

 Revolutionizing container technologies 

Gain sophisticated and innovative container infrastructure and tools that make container development and deployment easy. It also provides a lightweight, open standards-based container toolkit with all that you need to get started.  

 The modernization of open-source technology  

Meet Application Stream, the new and improved method to deliver multiple versions of user packages. With this technique, you can dispatch new tools at a cadence that is appropriate for each component, to easily access new versions of open-source programming languages, tools and databases.  

DevOps support 

Within the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you will find tools to help your team adopt DevOps methods without needing a command-line experience. It also includes an improved management console featuring a web-based, mobile-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that makes operations and adoption easier for new Linux users. 


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Training and Certification

We recommend this course to have ensured you have a solid foundational knowledge of Red Hat products. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview (RH024) 

Master the basics of Linux.         

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview (RH024) is a series of no-cost, on-demand, online videos that provide a technical introduction to Linux® for IT professionals.  This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8.     


82% of job postings for IT professionals with Linux® certification are for Red Hat® Certified Professionals.” 


About the Author

Syazana Khan

A writer and communications specialist with 2 years of experience in professional development and technology training.