Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate

Develop key insights on core constructs of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and discover how its globally distributed infrastructure components can transform your enterprise operations. Gain practical experience and confidence in using OCI to meet various business and technical requirements.

Skills Covered

  • OCI Identity and Access Management Basic Concepts (Identity Domains, Users, Groups, Policies, Compartments) and Advanced Concepts (Dynamic Groups, Advanced Policies)
  • OCI Virtual Cloud Network, IP Management, VCN Connectivity Options, Load Balancers, DNS Management and Network Command Center services
  • OCI Compute Basic Concepts (Images, Shapes, Capacity Types) and Advanced Concepts (Autoscaling, Confidential Computing, OS Management service)
  • OCI Storage Offerings (Object Storage, Block Storage and File Storage)

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who are interested can attend

Course Curriculum


  • You need to have a foundational level understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and knowledge of basic cloud computing concepts.

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