Be prepared for future cyberthreats with Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate credential.

This SC-400T00: Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365 course focuses on data lifecycle management and information protection and compliance within your organization. The course covers implementation of data loss prevention policies, sensitive information types, sensitivity labels, data retention policies, Microsoft Purview Message Encryption, audit, eDiscovery, and insider risk among other related topics. The course helps learners prepare for the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator exam (SC-400).

Skills Covered

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  •  Explain and use sensitivity labels.
  •  Configure Data Loss Prevention policies.
  •  Secure messages in Office 365.
  •  Describe the information governance configuration process.
  •  Define key terms associated with Microsoft’s information protection and governance solutions.
  •  Explain the Content explorer and Activity explorer.
  •  Describe how to use sensitive information types and trainable classifiers.
  •  Review and analyze DLP reports.
  •  Identify and mitigate DLP policy violations.
  •  Describe the integration of DLP with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS).
  •  Deploy Endpoint DLP
  •  Describe records management
  •  Configure event driven retention
  •  Import a file plan
  •  Configure retention policies and labels
  •  Create custom keyword dictionaries
  •  Implement document fingerprinting

Who Should Attend

The Information Protection Administrator translates an organization’s risk and compliance requirements into technical implementation. They are responsible for implementing and managing solutions for content classification, data loss prevention (DLP), information protection, data lifecycle management, records management, privacy, risk, and compliance. They also work with other roles that are responsible for governance, data, and security to evaluate and develop policies to address an organization’s risk reduction and compliance goals.

This role assists workload administrators, business application owners, human resources departments, and legal stakeholders to implement technology solutions that support the necessary policies and controls.

This Microsoft Official Course prepares students for the Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate certification. The SC-400 exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: implement information protection; implement data loss prevention; and implement information governance.