In today’s ever-changing business landscape, transformational leadership is an essential tool for success.

Transformational leadership is a type of leadership that focuses on creating positive change within an organization. Transformational leaders are typically visionary and inspiring, and they motivate and encourage others to achieve the organization’s goals. Transformational leadership can benefits both leaders and organizations

In this AMA-2021: Transformational Leadership: How To Inspire Extraordinary Performance seminar, you will build a clear roadmap that includes specific steps, techniques, and tools to make you the change agent. You change and others will follow.

Get ready to assess your skills, master new strategies, and transform.

Skills Covered

  • Effectively Approach the Program and Processes for the Seminar
  • Describe Your Personal Objectives for Learning from the Program and How They Align with Other Participants’ Objectives and the Seminar Learning Goals
  • Interact with Other Program Participants to Share Your Experiences and Perspectives, Listen and Provide Feedback, and Contribute to the Learning Community
You will learn to:
  • Evaluating your organization’s predominant leadership style(s)
  • Exploring the transformational leadership skill set: 10 essential skills
  • Assessing your own transformational leadership skill level
  • Making adjustments and developing a process for enhancing your transformational leadership skills
  • Monitoring progress with milestones and metrics
  • Developing a process for adapting your team’s culture
  • Creating your cultural adjustment action plan

Who Should Attend

Senior executives, vice presidents, directors, and managers seeking to improve business results by inspiring extraordinary performance throughout their department, division, or organization.

Course Curriculum


While there are no direct pre-requisites, here are some of the benefits realized of this course :

  • Assess your strengths and step up to lead by example
  • Rise to the challenges of today’s “do more with less” reality
  • Inject passion and a sense of purpose to spark creativity and innovation
  • Inspire your team to reach and strive for greater performance on their own
  • Cultivate a culture where followers want to become leaders
  • Create and articulate your vision for the future

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