Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Getting Security Certified with Microsoft Learning Partners

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Getting Security Certified with Microsoft Learning Partners

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Syazana Khan

A communications specialist and technology wordsmith with over 2 years experience in the IT and professional development training arena.

Learn from the best. Get certified with Microsoft Learning Partners

“Certified teams responsible for core IT activities are generally 20% more productive than uncertified staff” 

Skill up with Microsoft Learning Partners


Trained and certified teams are more productive. The quality of work improves, as does employee engagement with their job responsibilities- all leading to increased performance levels across the board. 

IDC found that 20% certified IT personnel were 20% better at completing core tasks than uncertified staff members; Skillsoft’s annual survey showed 49 percent reporting an improved sense or feeling about themselves after certification while 39%, respectively reported greater engagements and 27%. 


The Cybersecurity Landscape and Microsoft

We all know that cybersecurity is essential to the success of any organization, but with economic uncertainty and ongoing talent shortages it has never been more necessary. What was once just needed for major corporations now applies across every industry in order protect your business from cyber attacks or other digital threats without expending too much resources.

Microsoft’s goal is to make the world safer with every product they develop, and it seems like their latest effort in security will help you protect your entire digital estate. The six interconnected product families that are part of this solution offer protection from threats on all types or devices—whether mobile phones/tablets at home versus work computers–and also leverage intelligence gathered by Microsoft during daily scans for potential dangers before anything happens. With Microsoft Security’s multi-cloud solution, you can simplify your approach to security through vendor consolidation and realize up to 60 percent cost savings. Essentially, you can do more with less.

With complex cyberattacks increasing and more employees working remotely, the need for cybersecurity professionals is growing by the day. With the struggle to fill security skills gap, there’s an estimated global shortage of 3.5 million security professionals. To help close this gap, we’re dedicated to getting you up to speed on Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions training and certification courses.


Security is critical for your people and business.

Many businesses don’t have enough resources to keep up with these threats, which leaves them vulnerable as they try desperately for solutions that will work at a reasonable cost – but it’s not just about what you spend your money on; understanding where new risks lie can also help alleviate some anxiety when things do go wrong! Microsoft offers comprehensive security products tailored specifically towards addressing this issue head-on.


The key to attaining your organization’s upskilling goals. 

When you’re in charge of an IT team, it can be tough to keep up with all the new skills your company needs. Luckily there is a full-service training partner that will take care of everything for you! Microsoft Learning Partners are experts at helping build teams and ensuring they have what’s needed—from identifying gaps or weaknesses through keeping them current on trends so when tasks come around again no one has any trouble jumping right into action.  

Hear how Microsoft Learning Partners helps organizations train their employees with a hands-on approach. Watch Skill up with Microsoft Learning Partners and learn more about what they have accomplished for your company. 



Start with the end in mind.  

It’s essential to have a clear idea of what you want your team members and organization to be capable of at their maximum potential. Microsoft Learning Partners helps strategize an approach that is tailored for addressing these needs, so they can deliver crucial business objectives as planned. These experts will work with you and your team to develop a deep understanding of what drives success, as well as how they can help. They usually start by identifying knowledge gaps to make sure that all relevant areas are covered; it may even assist in creating an actionable plan towards professional role-based certifications which aligns perfectly with any and all of their skill development priorities.  

You want to give your team the best chance at success. That means managing their learning needs, too. With Microsoft Learning Partners on board with this process it’s easy for you—you don’t have do anything else but focus where needed: empowering employees by letting them reach new heights in what they’re already great at while still fulfilling any career desires or goals through certification programs tailored just right around whatever topic interests each person most about working toward becoming an expert performer within their respective fields. 


Credit: Microsoft Security

Keeping the learning process on track. 

Imagine a world where your employees are engaged, successful and ready for the next level. This can happen because they have been well trained by an organization which understands what it takes to achieve these goals in both business and personal settings – Microsoft Learning Partners has you covered from beginning through end! 

Fantastic news: With one single source comes true partnering ability; helping plan out larger journeys as well as individual training sessions so each person on staff reaches their potential at every stage of development.  


The three keys to a successful training initiative. 

The process of finding a good Learning Partner can be overwhelming, but it’s important you find the right fit for your team. Here are three questions that will help guide this search: 

  • Scale:

Can they work locally and globally to adapt their programs to your organization’s needs, such as rolling out learning across time zones? 

  • Flexibility:

Does your learning partner demonstrate the flexibility to adapt their deliverables to your changing requirements and business constraints? 

  • Speed:

Technology changes from month to month; can your learning partner keep up while anticipating the next emerging innovations? 


Have you seen the video? Now it’s time to find a Microsoft Learning Partner that will fit your needs and scope. 



As an official Microsoft Learning Partner, we are introducing you to Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Month.  

We have compiled some of our top Microsoft Security courses and an upcoming Cybersecurity event geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises.  


Microsoft Security Training and Certification


As we welcome Cybersecurity Awareness Month and celebrate the milestones the industry and its people have achieved in committing to keep us safe at every step of the way, we are joining in the celebration by bringing you some of our most in-demand Microsoft Security courses. This is to ensure that you are always prepared to take on any threat that might come your way.  

Learn how to harness powerful Microsoft security capabilities to keep your company’s information and remote access secure and protected against threats. 


Click on the banner below to explore these resources to learn more about Microsoft’s security, identity, and compliance solutions.

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About the Author

Syazana Khan

A communications specialist and technology wordsmith with over 2 years experience in the IT and professional development training arena.