Whether you want to attract new customers, improve products, forecast sales or streamline operations, your decisions are much more effective when you put data to work for you.

What will you get when you use data to drive strategy? Higher revenue, and reliable and consistently predictable business results. Insights that become new ways of doing business. Quick and effective strategies to proactively navigate change.

This AMA-2177: Using Data to Drive Strategy course is your ticket to shift to higher gear and elevate you and your team to rise to a new level of success.

Skills Covered

  • Understanding how data is driving strategy
  • Changing and adapting to evolving and emerging trends
  • Getting into the mindset and applying the characteristics of data-driven management
  • Building a team that’s highly curious, pragmatic and open to new ideas
  • Taking a systematic approach to data: framing the question, finding and shaping the data, and selecting the right variables
  • Comprehending data, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Choosing the right data to track your key performance metrics and support your decisions
  • Using basic data analysis tools to interpret data sets
  • Extracting business insights using descriptive statistics, predictive analytics and descriptive analytics
  • Building business models and communicating results: decision and forecasting models, performance dashboards
  • Communicating complex analysis and ideas using tools and techniques
  • Framing results that drive decisions
  • Understanding decision-making traps and biases
  • Practicing making data-driven decisions
  • Setting data-driven objectives: prioritizing data, translating data into measurable metrics, selecting KPIs, setting objectives, forecasting, and assessing risks
  • Building a data-driven team: recognizing and overcoming barriers to adopting a data-driven management culture
  • Applying strategies to facilitate personal and organizational change

Who Should Attend

Non-technical managers who want to take advantage of data as a tool to make evidence-based decisions.

Course Curriculum


Course Requirements: MS Windows-based laptop with working browser to connect to the Internet via WiFi network; as well as a minimum of Excel 2019 or 365 for PC installed.

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Course Modules

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