Advance your serverless skills with new AWS training

Advance your serverless skills with new AWS training

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Furthering your serverless skills with a new training course

The serverless approach allows for the creation of agile applications, enabling faster innovation and adaptation to change. The use of serverless computing means that tasks related to infrastructure management, such as capacity provisioning and patching, are managed by AWS. This allows developers to focus solely on writing code that benefits their customers. AWS Lambda is an example of a serverless service that offers automatic scaling, high availability, and a billing model based on value. This event-driven compute service can run code in response to over 150 natively integrated AWS and SaaS sources, without requiring the management of servers.  

Serverless is not only a technological approach but also a mindset, where developers prioritize “serverless first” instead of “serverless also”. As more developers adopt this approach, AWS is offering a new AWS Training and Certification course, “Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS,” to further develop their serverless skills. 

AWS Lambda: The future of serverless computing and simplified application development 

AWS Lambda is a service that allows for code to be executed without the need for server provisioning or management. The compute infrastructure for Lambda is highly available and handles all administration of compute resources, including server maintenance, capacity provisioning, automatic scaling, and logging. With Lambda, it is possible to run code for any kind of application or backend service. By simply providing code written in one of the supported languages.  

This code is organized into Lambda functions, which only run when necessary and can scale automatically from a few requests to thousands per second. You only pay for the compute time that you consume, and there are no charges when the code is not running. Further information on pricing can be found on the AWS Lambda Pricing page. 

 Introduction to AWS Lambda-serverless application


Why build a serverless application? 

Building a serverless application allows you to focus on your application code instead of managing and operating infrastructure. You do not have to think about provisioning or configuring servers since AWS handles all of this for you. This reduces your infrastructure management burden and helps you get time-to-market faster. 

4 main benefits of building a serverless application

About this course  

The “Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS” course is designed for cloud developers who are creating event-driven, microservice-based applications and is taught in a live environment over a period of three days at an intermediate level. This course requires that attendees have the following experience prior to attending this course:

Course Code Course Title Fees (RM) Days Apr May Jun
AWS-DSS Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS 5,400 3 19-21 21-23

What will you learn from this course?

  • Apply event-driven best practices to a serverless application design using appropriate AWS services
  • Identify the challenges and trade-offs of transitioning to serverless development, and make recommendations that suit your development organization and environment
  • Build serverless applications using patterns that connect AWS managed services together, and account for service characteristics, including service quotas, available integrations, invocation model, error handling, and event source payload
  • Compare and contrast available options for writing infrastructure as code, including AWS CloudFormation, AWS Amplify, AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM), and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)
  • And much more

The course includes training on the three essential aspects of observability (i.e., cost, performance, resilience) and utilizes Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray. It also delves into application-scaling considerations that are specific to Lambda, such as error handling and concurrency, as well as topics like virtual private cloud and security. Students will construct a distributed application that adheres to a “serverless-first” approach.

The course provides various forms of guidance, including presentations, group exercises, hands-on labs, knowledge assessments, and demonstrations.  

Elevate your credibility with industry-recognized credentials Ramp Up with AWS Bundle Promo 2023

AWS Training and Certification  

Learn from AWS Certified Experts and build your future in the AWS Cloud with Trainocate Malaysia. AWS certifications are the gold standard for cloud professionals. With businesses turning their operations into cloud-based services, having employees who are AWS certified is a huge advantage in this industry now more than ever before. 

According to an ESG Research Paper commissioned by AWS, IT decision makers believe validating staff skills with AWS Certifications provides an advantage for their organizations and that:

  • 90% agree that employing AWS Certified staff has made the cloud team more productive.
  • 89% agree that employing AWS Certified staff has shortened the time it takes to complete cloud projects.
  • 86% agree that employing AWS Certified staff has improved the security of cloud workloads.
  • 89% agree that employing AWS Certified staff enables faster troubleshooting.
  • 90% say that they trust AWS Certified staff to lead cloud projects more than staff who are not AWS Certified.

The demand for cloud-based services has caused a major shift in the industry. To be competitive in IT professionals need to have certifications that attest that they’re qualified and experienced enough at managing these types of systems.  


Improvement to learner retention after AWS Training and Certification

Credit: Forrester, The Total Economic Impact of AWS Training and Certification 


Why choose Trainocate as your preferred cloud training provider? 

Trainocate was recognized as the AWS Global Training Partner of the Year 2022 at the recent AWS Partner Awards. The awards were dedicated to celebrating and recognizing a diverse range of committed and passionate AWS Partners whose business models have embraced specialization, innovation, and cooperation over the past year.

In an inaugural move, the Regional and Global AWS Partner Awards also included a self-nomination process across several award categories and specialization areas awarded at both the regional and global levels. With over 25 years of experience in delivering cloud training under our belt, Trainocate has always prioritized providing customers with complete and competent solutions for improving digital literacy and embracing digital transformation. 

Advantages of modern application development

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AWS training and certifications enhance my credibility?

You will learn directly from AWS experts who have domain experience and access to the latest AWS Cloud products, services, and teaching methods. These AWS expert-led courses will increase your credibility as someone who uses and makes decisions about cloud services.

Building clouds skills through high-quality digital training can also support the credibility of your entire organization. When your technologists and strategists are well trained in cloud skills, they can more easily project confidence about your cloud strategy.

Why should I consider AWS certified?

AWS Certification helps learners build credibility and confidence by validating their cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential and organizations identify skilled professionals to lead cloud initiatives using AWS. Just like learning music theory enables you to jam, a strong grounding in cloud principles empowers you to creatively explore cloud options.

Having the skills and insight to act upon your creativity and inspiration is essential to discovering new business opportunities in the cloud and helping your organization innovate. You’ll be able to experiment with AWS Cloud services, quickly testing products and implementing strategies to determine what best delivers your organizational goals.

About the Author

Kishweni Jaganathan

A Branding and Marketing specialist , with 1 year of experience working in the social media and branding space