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AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription

What is AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription?

AWS Skill Builder Team subscription is a paid service designed to help organizations to invest in their workforces’ cloud skills at scale. With this subscription, organizations can easily purchase training access for teams of 5 or more in one go, allowing the team to access more than 600+ courses, 1000+ lab experiences, and so much more.


Digital Classes


Lab Experiences

This Team Subscription is
for you if:

  • You’re a decision maker in organizations striving for business transformation through cloud technology.

  • You’re considering AWS Cloud migration, starting out, or already on the journey.

  • You want to gain access to an online learning center with diverse cloud training tailored to various technical domains, roles, industries, and skill levels.

The Challenge

The need for cloud talent worldwide is set to surge by 50% by 2026.

There were approximately 5 million cloud job positions remaining unfilled in 2022.

The fast move to cloud technologies poses a big challenge for organizations.

They’re pushed to cut costs, boost security, be more flexible, and innovate quicker.

The real issue here? Finding skilled cloud professionals.

Even though AWS Cloud fuels innovation, it’s the talented people who make these innovations happen. Right now, the market shows a clear shortage of cloud skills, and this is where AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription comes into play.

What do you get in a team subscription?

600+ On-Demand Courses and Learning Plans

Access 600+ instructor-led, self-paced trainings for all skill levels and across 30+ domains.

Enjoy flexibility in time, location, and pace, along with the ability to pause, rewind, and revisit content.

AWS Builder Labs

AWS Builder Labs offer more than 200 guided, self-paced labs, allowing your team to learn AWS solutions through hands-on experience.

These labs feature interactive exercises with step-by-step instructions, ensuring an engaging and practical learning experience.

AWS Cloud Quest

AWS Cloud Quest is a 3D role-playing game designed to help your teams develop practical AWS Cloud skills.

With role-based training assignments, your team can immerse themselves in the game to learn and apply cloud skills while assisting the citizens of a virtual in-game city.

AWS Industry Quest

AWS Industry Quest leverages interactive, game-based learning to assist learners and organizations in building industry solutions within the AWS Cloud in a risk-free, live environment.

It also enables exploration of AWS Cloud use cases that are most common to your industry.

AWS Escape Room

AWS Escape Room is a 3D virtual escape room game that prepares learners for their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Learners will encounter exam style questions that include the answer rationales, build solutions with hands-on labs, and solve interactive puzzles to escape a virtual office building.

AWS Exam Preparation

AWS Exam Preparation allows learners to access various resources, such as new courses and full-length practice exams for various AWS Certifications.

These resources ensure you are ready for the exam with practice materials and lab exercises.

AWS Card Clash

AWS Card Clash is a fun 3D virtual card game that helps learners of all experience to enhance their knowledge of AWS Cloud architecture, and explore AWS services and solution design.

It uses strategic turn-based gameplay that keeps learners engaged as they gain understanding of AWS services, and how they interface within a solution.

AWS Jam & Jam Journey

With AWS Jam, your team collaborates to solve challenges, promoting shared learning and trust.

Compete for points on a leaderboard by completing hands-on challenges across various topics in an AWS Management Console sandbox environment. The Jam journey offers the same experience, but it’s tailored for individuals to work independently.

Administrator Dashboard

An administrator dashboard offers insights into your teams’ skill development progress.

This enables organizations to drive and monitor training adoption across their workforce, ensuring the development of relevant skills needed to achieve desired business and growth objectives.

Exclusive Benefits

Organizations with a team subscription are also granted exclusive features like the ability to assign subscriptions to employees, enroll employees in training, view built-in reports, and enable single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Is AWS Skill Builder really that good?

Let Cisco tell you that.

Rona Spiegel from Cisco, a multi-billion-dollar tech company, shared how the AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription has significantly impacted their organization. Thanks to this training program, over 1,600 Cisco employees have achieved AWS Certifications, with thousands more receiving AWS Training, including 7,000 in engineering alone.

This initiative has greatly enhanced Cisco’s ability to master cloud technology, leading to faster and more effective product development. In simple terms, AWS Skill Builder has been an essential tool for Cisco, improving their team’s skills and ensuring they stay at the forefront of the tech world.

Look at the Numbers, This Could Be You


more products/services were launched over 12 months with AWS training.


agree that employing AWS-trained staff has increased their business’s confidence in executing cloud projects.


of decision makers agree: AWS-trained staff lead to faster, successful project completion.


of employers report improved job satisfaction after providing AWS training.


of learners say AWS certifications boost their efficiency & effectiveness.

Invest in your team’s future today with

AWS Skill Builder Subscription

— starting at just RM2200 per user/year for a team minimum of five.

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