The Top 10 Cloud Certifications You Need in 2022

The Top 10 Cloud Certifications You Need in 2022

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Thr 10 Cloud Certifications you Need in 2022

To be a competent IT Professional is to remain one step ahead of the game. Anticipating what your end users might need and potentially solving issues before it even crops up. It goes without saying that users are expecting better performance and you most definitely want it for them in return.

Now, enter, cloud computing.  

The last few years has seen many companies have integrated cloud computing into the DNA of digital business plans. And this has resulted in a magnificent growth and improved efficiency.

With the large scale growth of cloud computing, the cloud technology industry itself has experienced a substantial paradigm shift. More technology firms are empowered and confident in pushing the envelope with developing innovative products with the newfound capacity that the cloud affords them.

With most businesses adopting cloud and implementing its strategy into its operations the way in which this is approached is paramount. With the expansion and acceleration of cloud adoption, especially during and post pandemic, new trends in cloud usage are taking shape.

Business don’t view cloud technology as an option, it has now become a standard practice in most organizations, firmly fitted into daily operations. Technology and business leaders are constantly demanding for cloud services that are both efficient and powerful, to help mitigate workflow faster and smoother. It is also likely that there will be a shift on focus of cloud for specific functions as we move to hybrid work environments towards holistic strategies that are centered on enterprise-wide cloud migration.

Another aspect that has seen changes besides, strategies and approaches to cloud are that organizations have and will continue allocating larger budgets for cloud. It is estimated that 30 percent more will be spent on the technology vs 2021.

94% of business claimed saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud

To ensure that we cover the basics of what cloud computing, so you can choose the right fit for you and your team, let’s also look at the three structures that make up cloud computing as we know it.

 The core elements of Cloud Computing. 

So, we know where cloud computing sits in today’s fast paced economy. We also touched on why it has become such an integral part, now let’s look at what makes constituent elements of this path breaking technology along with the different parts of its technology stacks and its use cases.

Cloud computing is essentially broken into three main pillars: 

1) Infrastructure as a Service

2) Platform as a Service? 

3) Software as a Service? 

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) makes up the the fundamental building blocks of computing that can be rented: physical or virtual servers, storage and networking. This makes this build attractive to companies that would prefer to build applications from the very ground up and want to control nearly all the elements themselves, but it does require firms to have the technical skills to be able to orchestrate services at that level.  


What is Platform as a Service? 

Next up we have Platform as a Service (PaaS) and this is a one up from the former. In addition to the underlying storage, networking, and virtual servers, this layer also includes the tools and software that developers need to build applications on top, which could include middleware, database management, operating systems, and development tools. 

What is Software as a Service?  

And finally, Software as a Service (SaaS) is what you and I are most familiar with – if you are not quite the tech wiz, working behind the scenes. Essentially, the underlying hardware and operating system are irrelevant to the end user, who will access the service via a web browser or app; it is often bought on a per-seat or per-user basis. 

So, there you go, that’s a quick round up of all you need to know about cloud computing, as simply as we can put it. Now, we can’t emphasize how lucrative but also, how immensely in demand a career in cloud computing can be. If you were looking for a sign to start, take this blog post as one.

The core elements of cloud computing

Pursuing a career in the Cloud  

Regardless of where you are in your career in relation to cloud technology you are at, there is a Cloud certification for every one, covering every stage.

 Let this blog post, be a guide to our most in sought after Cloud certification in the field. 

ACP: Alibaba Cloud Computing Professional

ACP Cloud Computing Certification is designed for those familiar with cloud computing and with a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products. This certification covers a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud core services, including architecture, networking, cloud security, and best practices. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
ACT81005 Alibaba Cloud Advanced Products 1 RM1,800 7 30


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential validates technical expertise in designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS. The AWS-ARC: Architecting on AWS training course is intended for solutions architects, solution-design engineers, and developers seeking an understanding of AWS architecting. 

Learn how to design resilient, high-performing, secure, and cost-optimized architectures and join the half-day, exam preparation course to learn how to prepare for the exam by exploring the exam’s topic areas and how they map to architecting on AWS and to specific areas to study. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
AWS-ARC AWS-ARC: Architecting on AWS 1 RM5,400 RM3,888 26-28 22-24 6-8
AWSER-ARC AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 1 RM900 21 25 9


AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

This credential helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. Earning AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate demonstrates experience deploying, managing, and operating workloads on AWS. 

The AWS Systems Operations course teaches systems operators and anyone performing system operations functions how to install, configure, automate, monitor, secure, maintain and troubleshoot the services, networks, and systems on AWS necessary to support business applications.

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
AWS-SYSOPS Systems Operations on AWS 1 RM5,400 RM3,888 18-20 22-24 6-8
AWSER-SYSOPS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate 1 RM900 21 25


Google Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Architects enable organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud, they design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
GCPPCA-E Professional Cloud Architect 1 RM2,400 RM1,280 16
GCPCIN Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure 1 RM2,400 RM1,280 3 7 5
GCPGCE Architecting with Google Compute Engine 3 RM3,840 4-6 8-10 6-8
GCPDNPS Architecting with Google Cloud: Design and Process 2 RM4,800 RM2,560 13-14 14-15 15-16
GCP-GSGKE Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine 1 RM2,400 RM1,280 9
LMOGC Logging, Monitoring and Observability in Google Cloud 3 RM6,000 7-9


Google Professional Data Engineer

The need for data analysis skills grew by 86% from 2013 to 2018. Become data-driven with Google Cloud. Leverage data and gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation. Learn how to design and build data processing systems.

Professional Data Engineers enable data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data. A Data Engineer should be able to design, build, operationalize, secure, and monitor data processing systems with a particular emphasis on security and compliance; scalability and efficiency; reliability and fidelity; and flexibility and portability. A Data Engineer should also be able to leverage, deploy, and continuously train pre-existing machine learning models. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
GCPPPDE-E Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer 1 RM2,400 RM1,400 7 4 23
GCPBD Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals 1 RM2,400 RM1,280 17 14 19
GCPDE Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform 4 RM9,600 RM5,800 18-21 15-18 20-23


Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Candidates for the Azure Administrator Associate certification should have subject matter expertise implementing, managing, and monitoring an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment. 

Responsibilities for this role include implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment, plus provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources, when needed. 

An Azure administrator often serves as part of a larger team dedicated to implementing an organization’s cloud infrastructure. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
AZ-104T00 Microsoft Azure Administrator 4 RM3,000 11-14 28-1 19-22



Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Candidates for the Azure Security Engineer Associate certification should have subject matter expertise in implementing Azure security controls that protect identity, access, data, applications, and networks in cloud and hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure. 

Responsibilities for an Azure security engineer include managing the security posture, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, performing threat modelling, implementing threat protection, and responding to security incident escalations. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
AZ-500T00 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies 4 RM3,000 31-3 27-30



CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ is the only performance-based IT certification that views cloud-based infrastructure services in the context of broader IT systems operations regardless of the platform. Migrating to the cloud presents opportunities to deploy, optimize, and protect mission critical applications and data storage. CompTIA Cloud+ validates the technical skills needed to secure these valuable assets. 

The reality of operating multicloud environments poses new challenges. CompTIA Cloud+ is ideal for cloud engineers who need to have expertise across multiple products and systems. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
CT-CLOUD+ CompTIA Cloud+ 5 RM3,500 RM3,200 5-9


CCSP: Certified Cloud Security Professional

Organizations need cloud security professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to audit, assess and secure cloud infrastructures. 

To address this need, (ISC)² and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) have developed the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification. This credential reflects in-depth knowledge derived from hands-on information security and cloud computing experience. It validates practical know-how for professionals whose responsibilities involve cloud security architecture, design, operations and service orchestration. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional 5 RM3,500 RM3,200 28-2


CCF: Cloud Computing Foundation

Cloud computing offers a new way to gain on-demand, elastic capabilities, avoiding the need for significant capital investment whilst promoting a culture of innovation through a ‘fail-fast’ paradigm. 

This 2-day CCF: Cloud Computing Foundation course has been designed to ensure that participants get a solid and accurate understanding of the fundamentals of cloud computing. 

Code Course Title Days Fees (RM) Oct Nov Dec
CCF Cloud Computing Foundation 2 RM5,000 5-6


So, that’s our roundup of the best Cloud certification courses you should be acquiring in 2022. Now, if you ready to embark on this upskilling journey, click on the banner below and be on your way to world class recognition and potentially a move up the career ladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cloud certifications in demand?

Cloud certifications are in high demand right now, and for good reason. Thanks to digital transformation, more and more businesses of all sizes are turning to the cloud for their computing services. In fact, it is estimated that more than 82% of all workloads will be based on the cloud by 2022.

These organizations need qualified experts to help them make smart decisions when transitioning to — and then managing — a cloud-based infrastructure. Getting a cloud certification not only helps you develop the skills necessary to stay competitive in this evolving landscape, but it also demonstrates your expertise in this field to employers looking for new talent.

Are cloud certifications worth my time?

Cloud certifications can be a great way to make your resume stand out from the pac.! They indicate you have an understanding of the cloud-related skills that employers are looking for in today’s marketplace, plus the knowledge to build and maintain highly secure cloud systems.

Cloud certifications also demonstrate to employers that you have a commitment to learning new technologies — which is incredibly beneficial in any modern profession. While there is no guarantee that these certifications will lead to jobs, they provide an edge over other candidates who may not have taken the initiative to pursue this extra level of expertise. An investment in specialized cloud training can ultimately open more doors and give you an advantage over other job seekers.



About the Author

Syazana Khan

A communications specialist and technology wordsmith with over 2 years experience in the IT and professional development training arena.