Machine Learning – Classification and Forecasting

Machine learning is a powerful tool for classification and forecasting tasks, which are at the core of data-driven decision-making. This two day course, designed for beginners, provides a comprehensive introduction to classification and forecasting using machine learning algorithms. Participants will learn the fundamentals, practical application, and best practices in predictive modeling.

Skills Covered

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the concepts of classification and forecasting and their relevance in machine learning.
  • Be proficient in applying classification algorithms to categorize data.
  • Gain practical experience in building and evaluating classification models.
  • Learn the techniques for time series forecasting.
  • Develop the skills to apply predictive modeling to real-world problems.
  • Feel confident to continue exploring more advanced machine learning techniques

Who Should Attend

  • Beginner level courses for aspiring Data Scientist.
  • Anyone who is interested in data science.

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisites required to attend this course.

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Training Options

Intake: 8-9 Apr 2024
Duration: 2 Days