• 3 Days ILT, VILT

    Python for Data Science and Analytics

    Python has become the go-to language for data science, and this three-day course is designed to introduce beginners to the world of data analysis, visualization, and machine learning using Python. Participants will gain hands-on experience with Python libraries and tools essential for data science, empowering them to embark on a data-driven journey.

  • 2 Days ILT, VILT

    SQL for Data Science

    SQL (Structured Query Language) is the backbone of data retrieval and manipulation for data scientists. This two-day course is designed for beginners, providing essential skills for working with databases. Participants will learn to write SQL queries to extract, analyze, and manage data, a fundamental skill for anyone in the field of data science.

  • 4 Days ILT, VILT

    Data Wrangling & Exploratory Data Analysis with Python

    Data wrangling and exploratory data analysis (EDA) are essential steps in any data science or analysis project. This four-day course is designed for beginners and provides a comprehensive foundation in data preparation and exploration using Python. Participants will learn to clean, transform, and gain insights from real-world datasets, making them well-equipped for data-driven decision-making.

  • 2 Days ILT, VILT

    Machine Learning – Regression

    Machine Learning plays a pivotal role in predictive analytics, and regression is a fundamental technique within the field. This two-day course is designed for beginners and focuses on teaching the core concepts and practical application of regression algorithms. Participants will learn how to build, evaluate, and interpret regression models, making it an ideal starting point for a data science journey.

  • 2 Days ILT, VILT

    Machine Learning – Classification and Forecasting

    Machine learning is a powerful tool for classification and forecasting tasks, which are at the core of data-driven decision-making. This two day course, designed for beginners, provides a comprehensive introduction to classification and forecasting using machine learning algorithms. Participants will learn the fundamentals, practical application, and best practices in predictive modeling.

  • 3 Days ILT, VILT

    Machine Learning – Unsupervised Learning

    Unsupervised learning is a fascinating field of machine learning that discovers patterns, structures, and relationships within data without the need for labeled examples. This three-day course, designed for beginners, offers a comprehensive introduction to unsupervised learning techniques. Participants will gain a solid understanding of clustering, dimensionality reduction, and anomaly detection.