Create and manage model-driven apps with Power Apps and Dataverse

In this learning path, you practice building model-driven apps by using Microsoft Power Apps. The skills validated include creating Dataverse tables, modifying forms and views, and configuring a model-driven app. The scenario in this experience represents real-world challenges faced by individuals with business-specific expertise who build model-driven apps.

Skills Covered

  • Create tables with Dataverse
  • Import data into a Dataverse database
  • Model-driven app design
  • Creating a model-driven app
  • Use form elements and controls
  • Configure forms
  • Use specialized form components
  • Use editable grids
  • Identify views and use public views
  • Learn how to configure charts
  • Learn how to configure dashboards
  • Package existing items into a solution.
  • Create solutions.
  • Edit existing solution-aware apps, flows in a solution.
  • Import and export solutions.
  • Deploy complex solutions with many components.
  • Learn about component dependency on other components.
  • Create Dataverse tables and columns
  • Work with solutions
  • Modify Dataverse forms
  • Modify Dataverse views
  • Configure model-driven apps

Who Should Attend

Everyone can attend.

Course Curriculum


Candidates for this credential should be familiar with data modeling concepts in Microsoft Dataverse and with the Power Apps maker portal.

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