Create and manage automated processes by using Power Automate

Get started with Power Automate by create and manage automated processes with Power Automate. Including creating triggers for cloud flows, configuring actions, implementing conditional logic for a cloud flow, testing a cloud flow, creating and configuring approvals by using Power Automate, and sharing cloud flows.

Skills Covered

  • Create a flow that automatically saves email attachments
  • Learn how to create a button flow to send yourself a reminder
  • Create and process approval requests
  • Build a flow that runs at recurring time intervals
  • Create a business process flow with conditions
  • Build a flow that uses information like locations or date
  • Build a flow accepts user input when run
  • Create a flow that blocks time on a calendar
  • Build a flow that uses Dataverse
  • Build a flow that uses SQL
  • Integrate Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint
  • Monitor flows
  • Customize a Dataverse database to meet business requirements
  • Create a Power Automate flow based on provided specifications

Who Should Attend

Everyone can attend.

Course Curriculum


  • Fundamental understanding of Power Platform
  • Basic understanding of Power Automate.

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Intake: Available Upon Request
Duration: 1 Day
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