This High-impact security awareness training addresses these issues. It ensures that your users are aware that they are a target; it motivates and changes behavior by teaching them how to use technology securely and ensures your organization remains compliant. In addition, by teaching your users the indicators of compromise and how to report incidents, you go beyond just prevention and begin developing human sensors, creating a far more resilient organization.

Skills Covered

  • Learn basics of Security and understand about Vulnerabilities and how defense technologies like Anti-Virus, Firewall work
  • Understand how all the Latest Attacks are carried out with DEMOS. This will help the attendees to be more aware on the current threats and Risk
  • Learn on how hackers manipulate and turn their mind and data against them for a successful attack
  • Learn on different social engineering attacks including Facebook based attacks with DEMOS and Best practices on how to be aware and secure from these attacks
  • Learn on importance of Strong Passwords and how wrong password usage opens up for data theft resulting in Identity theft and compromise with DEMOS
  • Learn the best practices for Password and how to create and remember Strong passwords without sticking the passwords on the Monitor or keyboard
  • Learn on attacks via EMAIL and Messaging applications with DEMOS. Attendees will also learn best practices for Email and Messaging software’s and how to distinguish spam and phishing emails from the genuine
  • Learn on how Hackers compromise devices thru WiFi with DEMOS and how to secure office and personal devices from Hackers
  • Learn the necessity of Security on Mobile devices and how hackers hack your mobile devices and a sample Android Malware with DEMOs
  • Learn the security best practices for the mobile devices.

Who Should Attend

This training is an INTERACTIVE story board with 100% LIVE HACKING Demo based workshop for All users who use Internet, Computer, Mobile Phones, and Social Media. NO Technical Jargons – Suitable for ALL.

Course Curriculum


No technical knowledge required.

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