3 Ways to Go from Database Administrator to AWS Database Innovator 

3 Ways to Go from Database Administrator to AWS Database Innovator 

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As organizations strive for superior efficiency and maneuverability, the traditional one-sized relational databases are becoming outdated. Taking their place is an assortment of purpose-built databases that have been created to facilitate higher performance and cost savings. This shift is accelerated by modern developers who employ agile development approaches such as CI/CD DevOps frameworks to construct more efficient database structures with greater success. 

The future of Database Professionals

The role of database professionals is rapidly evolving, and with it comes a golden chance to become more than just administrators. With the right upskilling strategies in place, you can unlock potential for your organization by improving applications’ performance, decreasing costs and driving innovation forward.

To reach this level of success however requires focus on three key areas:

  • learning advanced technologies needed for cloud-based databases
  • understanding purpose-built solutions that power customer expectations
  • recognizing how developer’s tools help achieve goals within an organization

Seizing these opportunities to learn relevant skillsets while they are still current can guarantee long-term stability by enabling more intelligent technology investments in the future:

 Moving databases to the cloud

Begin your cloud journey by exploring the potential of migrating databases to the cloud. Build up knowledge on what cost-efficiency and agility benefits come with a successful migration, then reinvest these newfound savings into exciting projects. 

Introduction to Database Migration 

This course will guide you through the process of migrating a production database to AWS with ease and security. Learn how to use the power of AWS DMS and SCT, which enable fast data migration while ensuring your applications keep running – so there’s no disruption caused by downtime. Plus, take advantage of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL for modernized cloud-based databases that make traditional schema obsolete. 

In this course, you will learn how to:     

  • Migrate a production database.      
  • Use AWS SCT to help you migrate and modernize your schema, applications, and scripts 
  • Use AWS DMS to do an initial move of your existing data and set up ongoing replication while you migrate all your applications and services. 

Moving to Managed Databases on AWS 

This eight-course journey with AWS Hero Alex DeBrie is designed specifically for organizations looking to make an effortless transition from their current databases (on premises or in the cloud) into fully managed AWS database solutions. Along this path, you will learn how best utilize Amazon Web Services and explore techniques that maximize your organization’s efficiency as well as increase its ROI. By engaging directly with industry professionals like Alex DeBrie, you can expect unprecedented performance increases through collaborations made possible by optimizing both architecture layout and deploying necessary infrastructure upgrades – all done within just one curriculum. 

In this course, you will learn to:     

  • Explain the value of moving from a self-managed database into a fully managed database solution      
  • Identify the factors you need to consider when moving to a managed database      
  • Migrate from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon RDS      
  • Migrate from Oracle to Amazon RDS     
  • Migrate from MySQL to Amazon RDS    
  • Migrate from PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS    
  • Migrate from MongoDB to Amazon Document DB    
  • Migrate from Apache Cassandra to Amazon Key Spaces (for Apache Cassandra)     
  • Migrate from Redis to Amazon ElastiCache 


Selecting from many purpose-built databases

With so many choices available, becoming an expert in selecting the right database for a particular use case can be challenging. AWS offers a range of purpose-built databases to cater to different needs – from high-traffic web apps and gaming applications to Internet of Things and fraud detection. Deciding which one is best suited requires knowledge and experience – but mastering this skill will help you stand out as an authority in the field. 

AWS Database Offerings

This self-paced course provides a basic overview of different database technologies and architectures and introduces you to the various Amazon Web Services (AWS) database services. The course also covers the concept of the purpose-built database, which changes the one-size-fits-all methodology that previously existed. 

This course covers the following concepts: 

  • Nature of Data 
  • Relational Databases 
  • Non-relational Databases 
  • Database Migration  
  • Server-based Architectures 
  • Serverless Architectures 
  • Purpose-built Databases 

Planning and Designing Databases on AWS 

This AWS certification course is a great way to gain the knowledge needed to select the perfect AWS Cloud database for your specific needs. You’ll learn all about planning and designing solutions utilizing different databases offered by Amazon Web Services, as well as explore design considerations that will help further refine your implementations. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to confidently develop analytical skills allowing you to make better decisions when it comes time to choose an AWC Database. 

Course Code Course Title Fees (RM) Days Mar Apr May
AWS-PDDA Planning and Designing Databases on AWS 5,400 3 3-5

In this course, you will learn to: 

  • Apply database concepts, database management, and data modelling techniques
  • Evaluate hosting databases on Amazon EC2 instances 
  • Evaluate relational AWS database services and their features (Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift) 
  • Evaluate nonrelational AWS database services and their features (Amazon Document DB, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elasti Cache, Amazon Neptune, and Amazon QLDB) 
  • Examine how the design criteria apply to each service 

Elevate your credibility with industry recognized credential Ramp Up with AWS Bundle Promo 2023

This course also prepares learners for the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification. This credential helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. Earning AWS Certified Database – Specialty validates expertise in recommending, designing, and maintaining optimal AWS database solutions and is intended for individuals with experience and expertise working with on-premises and AWS Cloud-based relational and non-relational databases. Before you take this exam, we recommend you have:

  • Five years of experience with common database technologies
  • Two years of hands-on experience and expertise working with on-premises and AWS Cloud-based relational and NoSQL databases
  • Ability to understand and differentiate the key features of AWS database services
  • Ability to analyze needs and requirements to design and recommend appropriate database solutions by using AWS services
  • Explore and read our latest 10 study tips for the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification blog post

Leading the discussion with developers

To stay ahead of the competition, aspiring database innovators must gain a thorough understanding of how new-era applications are revolutionizing modern databases. Streaming data, leaderboards and real-time web clicks have created an influx in demand for customized solutions that can handle complex workloads more efficiently to deliver smoother user experiences with maximum responsiveness. 

Building Highly Connected Applications using Amazon Neptune

Take a deep dive into the world of graph databases with this course. Develop an understanding of how to use Amazon Neptune, explore different models and applications for graphs, and discover new ways to connect your data. It’s time to unlock the power of highly connected apps through Amazon Neptune. 

In this course, you will learn to: 

  • Query the graph on different graph models
  • Use SPARQL and Gremlin
  • Connect to Amazon Neptune
  • Build highly connected applications

Why Trainocate should be your preferred training partner? 

AWS Global Training Partner of the year 2022

Trainocate was recently announced as the winner for the 2022 Global AWS Training Partner of the Year award. The AWS Partners Network (APN) has proven a valuable resource in helping businesses integrate cloud technology into their long-term business plans, garnering impressive growths as well as improved efficiencies over these past few years. We are excited to be amongst those leading this industry-wide revolution. 

Building your skills and accelerating your opportunities 

Take the plunge into a world of possibilities and propel yourself to success. With fresh opportunities arising from emerging database technologies, now is your chance to unlock innovation potential within your organization as well as ensure long-term career stability. Get informed with AWS Training and Certification resources such as e-books, infographics, webinars – all available in both digital and classroom formats! It’s time for you to seize this opportunity today. 

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Will AWS training and certifications enhance my credibility?

You will learn directly from AWS experts who have domain experience and access to the latest AWS Cloud products, services, and teaching methods. These AWS expert-led courses will increase your credibility as someone who uses and makes decisions about cloud services.

Building clouds skills through high-quality digital training can also support the credibility of your entire organization. When your technologists and strategists are well trained in cloud skills, they can more easily project confidence about your cloud strategy.

About the Author

Kishweni Jaganathan

A Branding and Marketing specialist , with 1 year of experience working in the social media and branding space