Red Hat: How To Manage Linux Environments with Modern Tools and Techniques

Red Hat: How To Manage Linux Environments with Modern Tools and Techniques

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“A guide to modern best practices, tools, and techniques for effective system management.”

As one of the world’s most dominant operating systems with widespread adoption across industries and emerging technologies, Linux has been frequently used for highly available, reliable and critical workloads in data centres and cloud computing ecosystems and backs a variety of use cases, target systems and mechanisms.

Linux by numbers: 

More than 75%
of cloud-enabled enterprises
report using Linux as their
primary cloud platform.

of all applications running
in public cloud infrastructure
are running on Linux
virtual machines

of hiring, managers are
recruiting Linux talent.

Every major public cloud provider which includes – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Alibaba Cloud – offers various distributions of Linux in their marketplaces.

This e-book by Red Hat on ‘How To Manage Linux Environments with Modern Tools and Techniques’ serves as a guide, providing expert guidance aimed at Linux® administrators and architects to streamline management of their environments utilizing modern best practices and automated tools. Organizations that have implemented these recommendations have seen increased IT efficiency, security, reliability and costs while better supporting their business with innovation and insights.

Some of the ways that this e-book can help your organization experience:


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How To Manage Linux Environments with Modern Tools and Techniques

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Syazana Khan