This course serves as the foundation for all other Splunk Observability courses. It is targeted towards DevOps/SRE/Observability teams, Senior On-call Engineers, Onboarding and Monitoring Strategists and Developers. This 6-hr course provides a fundamental understanding of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability such as the metrics data model and different types of metadata. See how you can interact with data using built-in content, search for metrics, find more information about a metric, visualize and alert on metrics. Learn to use appropriate rollups, interpret chart data based on chart resolution, rollups, and analytic functions. All concepts are taught using lectures and scenario-based hands-on activities.

Skills Covered

  • Define components of the metrics data model
  • Discriminate between types of metadata
  • Interact with data using built-in content
  • Create dashboards using best practices
  • Find and visualize metrics
  • Alert on metrics
  • Correctly interpret data in charts based on rollups, analytic functions, and chart resolution

Who Should Attend

Everyone can attend.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring (eLearning)

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Duration: 1 Day
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Modality: VILT

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