In this course, you learn how to define automation policy for IBM System Automation for z/OS® (SA z/OS).
You learn how to create policy definitions for systems, applications, application groups, and monitor resources.  This  is delivered in an environment with multiple opportunities for hands-on lab exercises.  You define automation policy for several environments: single system and multiple system within a basic sysplex.  The System Automation for z/OS automation manager and automation agent run in a z/OS 2.2 environment.  The automation platform, Tivoli® NetView for z/OS is at version 6 release 2.

Skills Covered

  • System Automation for z/OS overview
  • Installation and customization
  • Customization Dialog and Policy Data Base
  • Defining Applications and building automation configuration files
  • Additional customization: explore features and functions including use of symbolics in the policy, Application classes, suspend file, Notify Operators, Service Periods, Events, Triggers, and monitor resources
  • Initialization and runmodes
  • Gateways and Status Display Facility
  • Defining Application Groups
  • End-to-end automation: extend automation to cross-sysplex and to true end-to-end cross platform automation. Use the Universal Automation Adapter to automate resources on distributed systems, for instance running on Linux
  • Performance-based automation with OMEGAMON
  • Migration and coexistence with previous releases of SA z/OS

Who Should Attend

This intermediate course is primarily intended for system administrators and system analysts who are responsible for defining the automation policy that is used by System Automation for z/OS.

Course Curriculum


Before taking this course, you should have attended the following courses or have equivalent skills:

  • SM917 – IBM System Automation for z/OS 4.1 Architecture
  • SM927 – IBM System Automation for z/OS 4.1 Operations

You should have the following skills:

  • Good knowledge of System Automation for z/OS architecture and concepts
  • Basic knowledge of System Automation for z/OS operations
  • Basic z/OS operations skills and started task concepts
  • Basic NetView skills
  • Basic ISPF use
  • JCL coding and z/OS data set allocation

Recommended NetView courses before this course are:

  • TZ203 – IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS 6.1 Fundamentals
  • TZ213 – IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS 6.1 Automation

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Duration: 5 Days
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Duration: 5 Days
Guaranteed: TBC
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