This two-day, NetApp instructor-led course uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach basic administration of a NetApp Element software cluster in a SolidFire system. You configure and maintain a cluster. You practice working with Element software features, using the Element CLI and web UI to manage storage and network resources.

Skills Covered

  • Identify the basic hardware components of an Element cluster
  • Complete the configuration steps for a new Element cluster
  • Perform basic system administration tasks from the Element UI
  • Identify the Element data replication features for backup and recovery
  • Monitor the health and performance of an Element cluster
  • Use the Element API to perform basic system administration tasks

Who Should Attend

Element Administration is an intermediate course in a comprehensive learning path for NetApp customers, partners, and employees.

Course Curriculum


Element Fundamentals (Web-based training [WBT])

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Course Modules