Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop training course is designed for developers, administrators, architects and anyone who wants to learn about the first Autonomous Database in the market. In this course, you will be taught how to provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud that is suitable for your workload and requirements.

Skills Covered

  • Oracle Cloud Platform for Database in the Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Essentials
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Overview
  • Provisioning an Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Connecting to Autonomous Database
  • Data Loading and Querying External Data
  • Managing Users
  • Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database
  • Monitoring and Managing Autonomous Database
  • Backing Up and Restoring an Autonomous Database
  • Starting, Stopping, Scaling, and Terminating an Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security
  • Managing an Autonomous Database Using Command Utilities and APIs
  • Migrating Oracle Databases to Autonomous Database: Overview
  • Oracle Autonomous Database: Use Cases

Who Should Attend

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Developer

Course Curriculum


  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

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