This extensive course empowers the developers with declarative features of the ADF Business Components that allow developers to develop and crate the business services. These business services are reusable and can be later exposed in the UI by using the client components of ADF. The course explains every ADF Faces component that allows to apply skins and extends internationalization support along with accessibility. The Faces components also facilitate the complete customization and provides affluent components for visualization, having the capabilities of rendering gauges, graphs, charts and much more graphics for real time updates.

Skills Covered

  • Develop JEE end-to-end web apps using ADF
  • Specify JEE components with ADF and rich UI with ADF Faces
  • Learn about the new JDeveloper 11g Release 1 Patch Set 1 capabilities
  • Understand the company standards for the data model
  • Contribute the LOV or List of Values
  • Display the data that are changing dynamically and control the display with a variety of skins
  • WebCenter integration with ADF has SOA

Who Should Attend


Course Curriculum


  • Familiarity with basic Java
  • Familiarity with basic XML and HTML
  • Familiarity with database

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