Stay Ahead in a Digital World: Understand and Implement IT Governance & Risk Management.

This hugely popular ITGRM: IT Governance and Risk Management provides a comprehensive review of the knowledge required for understanding IT Governance & Risk Management strategies. Students can use this crash course to review what they already know about IT Governance & Risk Management, pinpoint any gaps in their understanding and provide high level mitigation to address IT Governance & Risk Management gaps.

The establishment of efficient IT governance is of the utmost importance with regard to the problem-free operation of IT businesses. The organization’s business goals can more easily be accomplished with the assistance of this concept when applied to its information systems. If you do not put into practice IT governance, it will become ineffective and may even be detrimental to the company.

It is no longer necessary to argue that effective governance of information technology is essential because society and various markets are continuously undergoing change. It is a requirement for every business. In today’s world, where information occupies such an important role in our society, having strong governance in place for our information technology systems is absolutely necessary to ensure their smooth operation. By producing value, it ensures that the money your company invests in information technology will be put to good use.

Skills Covered

  • Understanding of IT Governance & Risk Management principles and frameworks
  • Ability to develop and implement IT Governance & Risk Management policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of IT Governance & Risk Management best practices and standards.
  • Ability to assess and monitor IT Governance & Risk Management performance.
  • Understanding of IT Governance risk management and compliance.
  • Ability to develop and implement IT Governance & Risk Management strategies.
  • Knowledge of IT Governance & Risk Management roles and responsibilities.
  • Understanding of IT Governance & Risk Management metrics and reporting.
  • Knowledge IT Governance & Risk Management tools and technologies.

Who Should Attend

This training is intended for professionals working in information technology whose job it is to strike a balance between a company’s requirements for technological governance and risk management.

  • IT Executive
  • IT/Security Manager
  • IT/Security Consultant
  • IT Auditor / None IT Auditor
  • IT Risk Manager/Analyst
  • IT Compliance Manager /Analyst
  • HOD, Senior Manager, Director and Business Owner
  • Business User
  • Project/Program Manager

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisite requirements for taking the Course, however, in order to make full use of the course candidate should have necessary working experience in information technology.

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Course Modules

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Training Options

Intake: 19-20 Aug 2024
Duration: 2 Days
Guaranteed: TBC
Modality: ILT

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