In today’s Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) environment, business agility is more and more critical for success. The tools that served us well in the past don’t necessarily still apply. Change is constant, disruption is an expectation, and innovation is a competitive advantage.

People at every level in organizations must focus on customer delight and bring innovation and continuous improvement into their work. Aligning teams and organizations around a vision and a strong sense of purpose are essential to enable high performance. It also provides a key source of inspiration, engagement, commitment, and organizational cohesion. During two highly immersive days, participants learn by doing. They explore scenarios and apply techniques to envision and design the future, experience new ways of thinking, and work in teams. Business agility foundation training is vital to adopt agile ways of working for enterprises.

Skills Covered

  •  The mindset and culture that business agility instills.
  •  Identify and apply the way of thinking and culture that enhances Business Agility.
  •  How to define your customer(s) and how you add value to them.
  •  Recognize and execute the techniques to analyze and improve work practices.
  •  Learn and practice plans to define and add value to the client(s) while practicing agility.
  •  Explain and implement the methods to use value sources, Kanban values, principles, and standards.
  •  Classify and apply Agile and Lean thinking to reduce waste and create a space for creativity.
  •  Understand different approaches for enhancing business agility.
  •  Difference between agile software development and agile way of working.

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today’s innovative business climate will find the Business Agility Foundations course compelling. Although this is a generalist certification and an entry point to several ICAgile tracks, it is not intended to be a direct substitution for the ICAgile Certified Professional credential. Those already holding the ICP are likely to find this course compelling, especially if they are on a journey towards business agility outside of a software development context.

Course Curriculum


There are no formal prerequisites for this program. However, at least 3 years of work experience would be beneficial.

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Course Modules