How teams of all sizes connect, create and collaborate.

Imagine a workplace where collaboration is effortless and seamless. In this training, you will learn the modern solution that transforms the way teams work together. With sharing tools, working on presentations becomes a truly engaging experience. Picture a group of people effortlessly working on a single document, simultaneously, in perfect harmony.

This dynamic 3-hour course is designed to empower individuals and teams with the skills to foster true collaboration within the workplace using the powerful suite of tools provided by Google Workspace.  

Skills Covered

  • Cultivate a culture of “true collaboration” within your team
  • Master the core Google Workspace applications for seamless communication and co-creation
  • Implement collaborative workflows and automate tasks for enhanced efficiency
  • Build trust, foster open communication, and strengthen team relationships
  • Enhance individual productivity and achieve more in less time
  • Gain a competitive edge in today’s collaborative business landscape

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals seeking to improve collaboration and individual productivity 
  • Teams desiring to streamline workflows and communication 
  • Individuals aspiring to become Google Workspace masters  

Course Curriculum


Basic understanding of Google Workspace applications (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.) 

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Course Modules

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