Leverage the Power of Anthos Service Mesh for Microservices Success.

This second course of the Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos series equips students to operate and observe Anthos environments. Topics include adjusting existing clusters, setting up advanced traffic routing policies, securing communication across workloads, and observing clusters in Anthos.

This course is a continuation of Multi-cluster, Multi-cloud with Anthos and assumes direct experience with Anthos clusters from that course.

Skills Covered

  • Observe and monitor services running on Anthos clusters in multiple environments.
  • Install Anthos Service Mesh on Anthos clusters in multiple environments.
  • Configure traffic routing, improve network security, and enhance observability with Anthos Service Mesh.
  • Create multi-cluster networking architectures with Anthos Service Mesh.

Who Should Attend

Customers, Googlers

Course Curriculum


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