This classroom ES15G: z/OS Facilities course introduces the base elements, optional features, and servers that are provided in z/OS. It focuses on the system service facilities that are provided by the z/OS Base Control Program (BCP). It teaches the students the functions of major software base elements in the management of jobs, tasks, storage, data, and problems. It also addresses how these functions can be affected by the system programmer.

Students are introduced to the services provided by the servers which execute in the z/OS environments, such as the Communications Server and the Security Server. Installation packaging options and steps to install the z/OS environments also are introduced.

Skills Covered

  • Describe the system initialization processes of the z/OS operating systems
  • State the differences between an address space, data space, and hiperspace
  • Describe the process of translating a virtual address to a real address
  • Explain the difference between paging and swapping
  • Describe a z/OS task
  • Describe z/OS dispatching, interrupt processing, supervisor calls, cross memory services, and serialization
  • Describe the purpose of the Job Entry Subsystem (JES)
  • Illustrate the flow of a job through the z/OS environment
  • Describe the allocation process for the data sets in the z/OS environment
  • Illustrate how an Input/Output (I/O) request is processed in a z/OS environment
  • Describe how workload management is accomplished in a z/OS environment
  • Explain the z/OS recovery processes and list the available problem determination tools
  • Describe z/OS storage management concepts
  • Describe the UNIX System Services functions provided in the z/OS environment
  • Create a high-level plan for the installation and configuration of either z/OS environment.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for persons who are new to the z/OS platforms but have a technical background in information technology. It is intended for those who require an in-depth understanding of z/OS.

Course Curriculum


You should have a basic knowledge of IS technologies also should be familiar with z/OS concepts and how these systems support the Enterprise servers.

This knowledge can be obtained by attending

  • An Introduction to the z/OS Environment (ES050).

You should also have practical experience with logging on to TSO working with JCL. This experience can be obtained by attending z/OS Quick Start (ES10A)

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