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This learning path prepares you for the task of migrating SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database.

You’ll learn how to assess SQL Server components and compatibility for migration using the Azure SQL Migration Extension and Database Migration Assistant. This training guides you through the process of provisioning and configuring Azure SQL Database resources. You gain hands-on experience in choosing the best migration option to meet business requirements for downtime, handling migration state, and monitoring database migration.

Additionally, you’ll also learn to perform post-migration tasks like disaster recovery and monitoring for Azure SQL Database. These skills are essential for ensuring a smooth, efficient transition to Azure SQL Database, and maintaining its operation post-migration.

Skills Covered

  • Perform post-migration configuration
  • Configure disaster recovery
  • Assess and prepare databases for migration
  • Migrate a database to an Azure SQL database
  • Provision and configure an Azure SQL database.

Who Should Attend

  • Database Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Administrator

Course Curriculum


  • Experience with SQL Server databases.
  • Knowledge of SQL Server editions and versions.
  • Basic knowledge of security concepts like identities and permissions.
  • Experience using the Azure portal to create resources and set permissions.

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