What are the most in-demand IT skills/jobs in the 2021 and beyond? Google any reputable sites (e.g. forbes.com, cio.com,  techrepublic.com, sdxcentral.com, etc) and you will notice that “Cloud” and “Container” technologies are always in the top 10 most in-demand list.

Especially now during the Covid19 period, many companies are pivoting to the cloud to streamline their operations and become more agile. Having a CKAD certification will definitely make you more in demand, and enables you to command a higher pay with the potential employers.

This CKAD Training course is NOT the official training course offered by the LinuxFoundation – but is structured according to the official CKAD Exam Curriculum.

Learn more about Kubernetes Expertise here: Kubernetes Expertise: Unlocking Cloud Potential in Malaysia

Skills Covered

  • Help you pass your CKAD Exam and earn your CKAD Badge!
  • Learn by Doing. This course is extremely hands-on. Each topic has its own lab exercises. The instructor will explain the concepts, run lab demo, and then you get try it out yourself.
  • The CKAD exam is 100% hands-on. You need to complete all the tasks given within 2 hours. This course prepares you for that with its numerous lab exercises at the end of each topic. At the end of this course, there will be simulation exam for you to practice your skills.

Who Should Attend

This certification is for Kubernetes engineers, cloud engineers and other IT professionals responsible for building, deploying, and configuring cloud native applications with Kubernetes.

Course Curriculum


A basic understanding of Container technologies is preferred, but not required.

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Course Modules

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