PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database; it is globally accepted as an incredibly powerful tool for database management. PostgreSQL Administration & Development course offers you the information required to manage your live production database. It handles the administration and performance tuning of PostgreSQL databases. The candidates of PSQL training program are likely to learn the use of specialized PostgreSQL (AKA Postgres) modules such as replication, connection pooling, and full-text searching.

Skills Covered

  • Install, configure, and upgrade PostgreSQL Server
  • Replicate data between PostgreSQL Server instances
  • Deal with data access mechanisms and custom components
  • Detail the data access mechanisms

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants to learn PostgreSQL skills.
  • Professionals getting started on PostgreSQL projects.

Course Curriculum


A participant is expected to have basic knowledge of SQL and C. He/she also needs to know basic system administration (Windows or Unix/Linux).

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Course Modules