The course provides core server-side Java web technologies. Covers topics on core java, JDBC Technology and Servlets. It then shows how JSP is built on the Servlet architecture. Additionally, the class shows how to use JSTL, custom tags and expression language to reduce Java code in web pages while adding tremendous power and capability to those pages. The class will provide hands-on practical skills based on actual project case study.

Skills Covered

Participants will learn how to:

  • Be comfortable with writing and designing Java applications
  • Apply core concepts of object-oriented programming to a project
  • Build holistic, real-world practical applications from the ground up
  • Write common algorithms covered in computer science courses
  • Talk confidently about Java programming and object-oriented programming

Who Should Attend


Course Curriculum


  • Basic experience working with a computer
  • Basic understanding of analytical problem solving
  • Windows or Mac (course taught from Windows)

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