Learn everything you need to know about employee selection in this seminar!

Making the wrong hiring decision means throwing away a substantial investment of time and money on recruitment, training and benefits. This fundamentals seminar is your ticket to make the right hiring decisions and contribute more to your company’s bottom line.

Skills Covered

  • Explain the Impact of Recruitment-Related Challenges on the Hiring Process
  • Identify Categories to Both Explore and Ignore During an Interview in Order to find the “Best Fit”
  • Distinguish Between the Effectiveness of Different Types of Questions and When They Are Best Asked
  • Identify Those Components That Will Contribute to Making an Informed Hiring Decision
  • Assess the Impact of Employment Law on Each Stage of the Hiring Process

Who Should Attend

Professionals with two years or less of experience in hiring, including newly hired HR professionals, HR practitioners who lack formal training, non-HR specialists who recruit, interview and/or hire as part of their jobs, and long-time HR practitioners who want to reinforce or update their skills.

Course Curriculum


While there are no direct prerequisites, here are some of the benefits of this training :
  • Improve your overall employee selection approach
  • Attract talent through innovative employee recruitment sources
  • Learn how to effectively use telephone screening and other methods to filter out the wrong applicants
  • Practice interviewing techniques to refine and develop your skills as an interviewer—including how to open and close the meeting
  • Understand how to ask the right questions to find out the information you need to know
  • Avoid interview “traps”—EEO and affirmative action

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