Clustering and Association Modeling Using IBM SPSS Modeler (v18.1.1) introduces modelers to two specific classes of modeling that are available in IBM SPSS Modeler: clustering and associations. Participants will explore various clustering techniques that are often employed in market segmentation studies. Participants will also explore how to create association models to find rules describing the relationships among a set of items, and how to create sequence models to find rules describing the relationships over time among a set of items.

Skills Covered

  • Introduction to clustering and association modeling
  • Clustering models and K-Means clustering
  • Clustering using the Kohonen network
  • Clustering using TwoStep clustering
  • Use Apriori to generate association rules
  • Use advanced options in Apriori
  • Sequence detection
  • Advanced Sequence detection
  • Examine learning rate in Kohonen networks (Optional)
  • Association using the Carma model (Optional)

Who Should Attend

Modelers, Analysts

Course Curriculum


  • Experience using IBM SPSS Modeler
  • A familiarity with the IBM SPSS Modeler environment: creating models, creating streams, reading in data files, and assessing data quality
  • A familiarity with handling missing data (including Type and Data Audit nodes), and basic data manipulation (including Derive and Select nodes)

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