In this 6 hour W7068G: IBM Watson Discovery for Developers web-based training (WBT), you will learn how Watson Discovery lets business analysts and developers rapidly build cognitive, cloud-based exploration applications that unlock actionable insights hidden in unstructured data — including your own proprietary data, as well as public and third-party data.

Skills Covered

  • Discovery overview: Architecture of Watson Discovery
  • Discovery overview: Administering security in Watson Discovery
  • Discovery overview: Creating a collection
  • Configuring a Discovery collection
  • Ingesting data into a Discovery collection
  • Querying a Discovery collection
  • Querying a Discovery collection: Relevancy training
  • Querying a Discovery collection: Passage retrieval

Who Should Attend

Analysts, Developers, and others who need to monitor machine learning jobs

Course Curriculum


  • Basic knowledge of cloud platforms, for example IBM Cloud
  • Basic understanding of enterprise search and natural language

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Training Options

Intake: Web-based Training
Duration: 1 Day
Guaranteed: TBC
Modality: WBT

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