Learn to write well-tuned SQL statements for the Oracle database.

This Oracle Database course teaches you how to write well-tuned SQL statements appropriate for the Oracle database. This Oracle SQL Tuning for Developers Workshop will help you explore Oracle SQL statement tuning.

MySQL Cloud Service provides numerous benefits over an on-premise database. It is easy to create a cloud instance, with flexible options for computing power, memory, and storage. GUI tools are available for backup and restore as well as patching and rolling back. After completing this course, you can take advantage of those benefits to use MySQL Cloud Service to its best advantage.

Skills Covered

  • Interpret execution plans and the different ways in which data can be accessed
  • Decipher, decide and then apply tuning to SQL code
  • Use various tuning techniques
  • Take advantage of bind variables, trace files and use the different types of indexes
  • Use different access paths for better optimization

Who Should Attend

This course intended for database developers, DBAs, and SQL developers.

Course Curriculum


  • Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL

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