Flexible collaboration tools designed for all the ways that work is changing.

This 3-hour course is designed for end-users transitioning from Office 365 to Google Workspace, focusing on managing files and file permissions. Learn how to easily move your data, share files securely, and collaborate effectively with others using the powerful tools of Google Drive. 

Skills Covered

  • Gain confidence and independence in using Google Workspace
  • Move your files from Office 365 to Google Drive efficiently
  • Share files securely with different permission levels
  • Collaborate effectively with others using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Organize your files and folders for easy access
  • Utilize search features and organizational tools to find information quickly

Who Should Attend

  • End-users transitioning from Office 365 to Google Workspace 

Course Curriculum


  • Basic understanding of files and folders, internet access, Google account 

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Course Modules