Optimize Your Infrastructure Management with Terraform for Google Cloud.

This course provides an introduction to using Terraform for Google Cloud. It enables learners to describe how Terraform can be used to implement infrastructure as a code and to apply some of its key features and functionalities to create and manage Google Cloud infrastructure. Learners will get hands-on practice building Google Cloud resources using Terraform.

Skills Covered

  • Define the business need for infrastructure as code and the benefits of using it in your environment.
  • Explain the features and functionalities of Terraform.
  • Use Terraform resources, variables, and output values to create Google Cloud infrastructure resources.
  • Use Terraform modules to build reusable configurations.
  • Explain Terraform state and its importance.

Who Should Attend

Cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, and individuals who want to start using Terraform to automate infrastructure provisioning with a focus on Google Cloud Platform.

Course Curriculum


To get the most out of this course, participants should:

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