Cloud technology on its own only provides a fraction of the true value to a business; When combined with data–lots and lots of it–it has the power to truly unlock value and create new experiences for customers. In this course, you’ll learn what data is, historical ways companies have used it to make decisions, and why it is so critical for machine learning. This course also introduces learners to technical concepts such as structured and unstructured data. database, data warehouse, and data lakes. It then covers the most common and fastest growing Google Cloud products around data.

This is the second course in the Cloud Digital Leader series. At the end of this course, enroll in the Infrastructure and Application Modernization with Google Cloud course.

Skills Covered

  • Describe the role of data in digital transformation and the importance of a data-driven culture.
  • Identify common Google Cloud solutions for data management.
  • Identify common Google Cloud solutions for smart analytics.
  • Identify Google Cloud’s solutions for Machine Learning and AI.

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There are no pre-requisites required to attend this course.

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