This course exposes the experienced Integration Architect to Best Practice Architectural Principles for the webMethods Suite. The class starts with describing key Architectural framework principles to execution of the webMethods platform. Participants will learn and understand the webMethods Reference Architecture. The participant will also explore many key features and aspects of the webMethods ESB, BPMS, and Cache Management to deliver a highly-available and performant enterprise architecture.

Skills Covered

  • Describe Solutions Architectures utilizing the webMethods Suite
  • Design scalable and performing architectures with the webMethods Suite
  • Understand the operational and deployment requirements in the webMethods Suite

Who Should Attend

Enterprise and Solution Architects with a background in Object-Oriented software development, application integration, XML messaging, and the webMethods Suite, whose role is to design and implement integration solutions with the webMethods Suite.

Course Curriculum


  • Experience with the webMethods platform, especially ESB components such as Integration Server and Universal Messaging
  • Some Java experience including development and JVM knowledge
  • Experience with XML messaging, Web Services and application integration
  • Understanding of computer networking and administration

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