This course is designed to teach data scientists, Operational Research specialists, and business analysts how to build, run and deploy basic optimization models using IBM Decision Optimization on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. You will learn how to create projects to manage your resources, use the user-friendly Model Builder interface to build, run and visualize models, use different methods to formulate models, including using the Modeling Assistant for formulate your model in natural language. You will also learn how to import and use python notebooks to create your models, and how to deploy the solution to end users within Cloud Pak for Data.

Skills Covered

  • Introduction to IBM Decision Optimization on IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Create models using Model Builder
  • Create models using Python
  • Deploy a model

Who Should Attend

Data scientists, Operational Research specialists, or business analysts who are new to Decision Optimization on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Course Curriculum


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • If you are planning to create or edit a model using Python or OPL, you require the skills and knowledge needed to convert a business problem to a mathematical model

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Intake: Available Upon Request
Duration: 1 Day
Guaranteed: TBC
Modality: WBT

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