This 0K53BG: IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials v26 course guides students through the fundamentals of using IBM SPSS Statistics for typical data analysis. Students will learn the basics of reading data, data definition, data modification, data analysis, and presentation of analytical results. In addition to the fundamentals, students will learn shortcuts that will help them save time.

This course uses the IBM SPSS Statistics Base; one section presents an add-on module, IBM SPSS Custom Tables.

Skills Covered

  • Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Reading data and defining metadata
  • Selecting cases for analyses
  • Transforming variables
  • Using functions to transform variables
  • Setting the unit of analysis
  • Merging data files
  • Summarizing individual variables
  • Describing the relationship between variables
  • Creating presentation-ready tables with Custom Tables
  • Customizing pivot tables
  • Working with syntax
  • Controlling the IBM SPSS Statistics environment

Who Should Attend

  • New users of IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Users who want to refresh their knowledge about IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Anyone who is considering purchasing IBM SPSS Statistics

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Intake: On-demand Learning
Duration: 2 Days
Guaranteed: TBC
Modality: SPVC

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