Want a salary hike? It’s time to join IT

Want a salary hike? It’s time to join IT

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Syazana Khan

A communications specialist and technology wordsmith with over 2 years experience in the IT and professional development training arena.

Is it time to earn more?

There has been a lot written about creating and getting your team to partake in training programs that could improve business performance. However, the impact of training on an employee deserves just as much attention. In fact, one could argue that when it comes to attracting and retaining good IT talent, a sustained commitment to learning and development, but one major motivation and drive for attaining professional recognition could be credited to hope and desire for a salary hike. More training can also enable greater salary and benefits for professionals looking to switch jobs. Similarly, incoming employees can expect higher salaries in line with higher demand in 2021, as companies hire more IT workers across sectors.

This blog post aims to unravel in the ins and outs of how training could have a huge impact on bringing home a fatter paycheque. We first open up with a discussion using US data and towards the end of the piece we provide statistics and highlights about the positive impact and growth of the tech landscape in Malaysia. 


In the United States, the average annual salary for an IT pro is $121,544, and those in decision-making roles earn an average salary of $138,719. So, what does it take to earn a paycheck like this? 


It’s no secret that there’s a very nice living to be made as an IT professional. Hard work, a thirst for knowledge, the drive for continuous improvement and inherent intelligence all play big roles in the success of IT pros. This continues to be true in 2022. Even amidst a global pandemic, technology is one of the most secure job sectors – and is still growing. 


Top 10 highest mid-level IT salaries:

Position Salary
Software development architect $152,009
Software architect $152,009
Certified ethical hacker (CEH)/penetration tester $150,451
Hadoop developer $148,839
Python developer $141,692
Ruby developer $141,477
Agile coach $140,994
Build and release engineer/configuration engineer $140,779
Oracle developer $140,511
Artificial intelligence (AI)/applications engineer $140,511

SOURCE: Randstad 2021 Salary Guide


It’s fairly well known fact by now, that you could make a pretty nice living as an IT professional. Some of the ingredients in the makings of successful IT professional includes, sheer hard work, a hunger for gaining new knowledge, a desire for continuous improvement and growth and an innate possession of intelligence. This still rings true in 2022. As we know, the buzz words going around offices in the last two years as we battled new normals during the  pandemic ranged, from digital transformation, artificial intelligence, big data and more. What is certain is that even amidst the Covid-19, technology prevailed as the most secure sector to have a job in – and that fact is still prevalent, if not growing.

That said, although those reasons have been the primary drivers towards having a gratifying IT career, one should not shy away with bringing home a respectable paycheck at the end of every month as compensation for all the hard work and toil. And based on Global Knowledge’s 2021 IT Skills and Salary Report, those pay days are known to be quite jaw dropping. 


Bring home a bigger salary package 

Technology professionals have the golden chance to earn more. Performing at your job, learning a new skill or pursuing a promotion to a management role are just some of the many ways that you could get a bump in the salary. In actual fact, close to 52% of IT pros based in the US received a raise in the past year. Of those who received raises, 38% attribute it to job performance whilst 28% received a pay bump in part of a standard company increase and 17% received a promotion. Simply put, if you put your job well, you’re going to be rewarded handsomely.

So what’s the best way to perform well at your job? To consistently gain new knowledge. Adding new skills into your arsenal through IT certification and training courses which naturally leads to more responsibility, and usually translates to an increase in salary. If you want to maximise your earnings and propel your career forward, professional development will be a critical element.

Here some numbers to prove our point: 

  • 13% of IT professionals credit their salary bump to the addition of new skills to their toolbox 
  • IT pros who earned a raise because they added new skills earned nearly $12,000 more than last year 
  • IT pros who obtained a new certification saw their salary increase nearly $13,000 

These numbers are clear evidence that IT certification training and your desire to expand your knowledge will pay off. Quite literally.

There is one simple, straightforward and logical conclusion to be drawn here – that salary rise among IT professional are directly linked to job performance. Essentially the harder an IT staff works, the more training they receive, the more they improve performance, resulting in increased productivity, the better the company operates. And all of this pays off quite nicely for IT pros.


Global Knowledge ranks the following top 5 IT job roles as a challenge in finding talent: 

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Analytics and Big Data 
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Systems and Solutions Architects 


Now here are some numbers to prove how a career in technology pays off in Malaysia.

Based on PIKOM and Jobstreet’s analysis, it is forecasted that in 2022, the average monthly salaries for Digital Professionals will increase by 2% to RM 10,034.


Pandemic has accelerated digital industry growth and reshaped the landscape – eCommerce, online services, digitalization and connectivity


Based on PIKOM and Jobstreet’s analysis, it is forecasted that in 2022, the average monthly salaries for entry level Digital Professionals will increase by 3.9% to RM 3,431


Salary Trends in Malaysia, at a glance.  

  1. Retrenchment surpassed recruitment. Attrition is downward trending.
  2. Data analytics is the fastest growing field of expertise, followed by other areas of technology and automation.
  3. Talents are pursuing degrees in disciplines such as data science, finance, & accounting and project management.
  4. Compensation is the top reason for employment attrition followed by career progression.
  5. 2020 salary growth plateaued, still remains healthy, 15% over the previous years.


If you have been sitting on the idea of getting upskilled to grow your career, and your finances, then take this as a sign to pursue that certification. Trainocate has a full suite of the top IT skills that are in demand and sought after by employers, so give the website a scroll, choose a course that interests you, and you might be on your way to a bigger take home salary in the coming months.


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Source: CompTIA blog

About the Author

Syazana Khan

A communications specialist and technology wordsmith with over 2 years experience in the IT and professional development training arena.