This comprehensive course by DevOps Institute addresses testing in a DevOps environment and covers concepts such as the active use of test automation, testing earlier in the development cycle, and instilling testing skills in developers, quality assurance, security, and operational teams.

The course is relevant for every modern IT professional involved in defining or deploying a DevOps testing strategy for their organization, as test engineering is the backbone of DevOps and the primary key for successful DevOps pipeline to support digital transformation.

Actionable and exciting exercises will be used to apply the concepts covered in the course and sample documents, templates, tools, and techniques will be provided to leverage after the class.

Skills Covered

  • The purpose, benefits, concepts, and vocabulary of DevOps testing. How DevOps testing differs from other types of testing.
  • DevOps testing strategies, test management, and results analysis.
  • Strategies for selecting test tools and implementing test automation.
  • Integration of DevOps testing into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows.
  • How DevOps testers fit with a DevOps culture, organization, and roles.

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this course are professionals involved in defining DevOps test strategies, such as:

  • Delivery Staff
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Lab Staff
  • Maintenance and Support Staff
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • Release Managers
  • Testers
  • Software Engineers

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisites to attending the Continuous Testing Foundation course or sitting the certification examination. Familiarity with DevOps definitions and principles are essential.

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