It is just natural to complain when we do not receive the expected services as the standard or as advertised and or as promised in a reputable premise. As customer service personnel, we are the brunt of these complaints which we need to attend. We need to respond rather than react to such complaints.

Responding means to think through of the incident and provide a solution rather than react, where we interact “blow by blow”. It is not always easy. Therefore we need to have the mettle to deal with these different situations. If we are already seasoned in dealing with these situations we need to refresh our skills every now and then, otherwise, we must internalize these skills so that we do not feel victimized and de-motivated in the job we have chosen. In order to deal with these situations systematically, we need an efficiency tool which will allow us to interact smoothly and quickly.

We are endowed with great hospitality skills, we just need to unearth these gems so that our interactions with guests become elegant and desirable. For example, it is not a complaint from the guest, it is always feedback so that we can improve the way we work.

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Improve their customer service skills
  • Use some of the techniques learnt to achieve excellence in customer service
  • Work on improving their relationships with other employees
  • Understand their customer needs and expectations
  • Understand effective ways to handle customers complaints
  • Improve their problems solving skills
  • Understand the important roles they play in their respective organizations

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for customer care officers, executives, senior executives, assistant managers and managers.

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisites required to attend this course.

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