Your call center is an integral part of your customer relationship management. Your representatives are ambassadors, and every time one of your customers contacts your organization, it is a moment of truth-a chance for your organization to shine. Call centers have a huge impact on customer retention, and in the end analysis, your revenue and profit. Delivering consistent, quality service is not accomplished by accident. We know that it takes a great deal of training and preparation to succeed.

The situation is complicated because customers now contact you via e-mail, the web, mail, and by telephone. Customers expect you to deliver seamless, integrated service regardless of the method of contact. This is a huge challenge whether you are implementing a new software solution, increasing the number of call center representatives, starting a new company, or offering new products and services. It is proven that a well-trained and supported representative is less likely to leave your organization. Decreased turnover equals reduced costs and a better bottom line.

This course provides the learners with critical information about making a good impression when communicating over the telephone. It emphasizes the importance of good etiquette, offers tips for building trust over the telephone and discusses important non-verbal actions that are present in most telephone interactions. A warm, helpful, professional and friendly voice on the phone can build customer loyalty. The lack of, could drive them to your competitor. Extend the common courtesies to your callers and create a reputation of legendary service to keep your customers coming back

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Improve their knowledge and skills needed to be an effective customer service provider
  • Speak the service language when engaging customers
  • Build better rapport when in conversation with customers
  • Understand their important role they play in representing the organization

Who Should Attend

All frontliners who have responsibilities for telephone or professionals who depend upon the telephone to accomplish their duty with internal & external customers.

Level for Frontliners and above

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisites required to attend this course.

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Course Modules